How much Pakistan can generate the wind power?

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Nowadays, power crisis is occurred in Pakistan. I want to know that how much Pakistan can generate the wind power. Can someone tell me about it and share his knowledge with me?

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  1. Guest27966397

    The local production technology would help Pakistan tap the available huge potential of 50,000MW through wind turbines. Pakistan has made a good start in this direction by the readying the FFCEL 50MW wind farm at Jhimpir. The fact they do and that financiers continue to invest in wind energy is testament to their efficiency.


  2. Judi

     Pakistan can generate over 350,000 MW electricity through alone wind energies within opposition towards the country’s gross require of approximately 21,000 MW peak summer, necessitating solid paces towards explore the potential. Official cornerstone in Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) told reporter that the country’s has numerous gear towards get energies and again 50,000 MW energies could be generated alone within Gharo-Keti Bandar corridor whereas average wind speed is many than seven meter per second.
    They remarked the corridor has potential replicate of India and else spots within Baluchistan, Punjab, and Northern Area which are being appreciated for power generation. The cornerstone remarked Pakistan has among the earth furthest and fastest rising urbanization and electricity is available towards alone 57 per hundred of the population while natural gas to 21 per cent. Only 45 per hundred of rural population possess access towards grid electricity and there is extreme shortage of electricity and gas leading towards commitment shedding.
    The country’s economic growth is also suffering due towards commitment shedding of gas and power, leading towards closures of corporations, they added. They remarked the gross installed and consistent capacity of the country’s power sector is 20,231 MW. Giving breakup, they remarked 11,735 MW could be get from social sector whilst 8,496 MW from private sector.

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