How much BTA is needed to leave Lagos Nigeris

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A friend wants to leave Lagos Nigeria and move to the U.S. Says he needs $2,000.00 to be able to leave Lagos. Is this true?

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  1. Guest27694730 proff BTA is real. Evern though State Depart say it aint


  2. Guest27588235

    woman gone to Nigeria to vist grandma let her visa run out had to renew it there.Said she is from New Jersey. Sent me picture of passport. Said need money to come back to the states. wants $ 2000 for bta carry on money. Grandpa left her inheritance money and add me to the documents. I ask her to cash in your inheritance said she cant to we both sign the papers. Is there anyway that this bta she ask for real

  3. Guest19643460
    BTA from Abuja is 750 i guess...
  4. Arslan Masaud
    Hello, From another internet posting. I have been corresponding with a young lady name rose she says she is from east Lagos who want me to send her $995 BTA fee to come to the USA. Do anyone know of such bta fees in Ghana if so how much is it. Or is it a scam. Hi Regi, We don't use the acronym BTA here. It means "basic travel allowance" and she is scamming you. If she lives in East Legon, which is a huge expatriate community with homes worth about half a million dollars!! then she has no need for $995 from you. She couldn't even get to the USA unless she has a US visa to travel, and they are difficult to come by unless you have an American sponser and a valid reason for travel (and more importantly, for coming back to Ghana). Please take a look at the Internet Dating topic in the Accra forum for lots of information. See if any of it sounds like Rose. Hope it helps

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