As compared to the other nationals, how easier is the Australian migration program for Somali nationals?

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Most of the people are of the viewpoint that people applying for migration from countries like Burma, Iraq, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone are given more preference as compared to the people from other countries, because people migrated from these countries have played a major role in the development of Australia since they migrated from their native countries. I want to know the possibilities for the Somali nationals to apply for the Australian migration and their chances for a common man to get the appropriate result or visa.

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  1. John

    Well, you have asked a good question and I do appreciate your efforts. As far as I know about the Somali Australians, according to a recent study conducted by the Aussi government, these people are found more active in the development of the Australian national culture and politics. The study also reveals that people migrating from Somalia are more active than any other country as they also play their significant role to boost local business in the country. Perhaps, these are the possible reasons they are given more preference than the people migrating from rest of the world. As you mentioned in your post name of different countries, such as Burma, Iraq, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Somalia is also one among that list of countries. In short, Australian government has a policy to offer them visas in less span of time due to their hard work and loyalty towards Australia. Secondly, their chances of getting visa are brighter than any other layman.


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