How can I get an Australian Visa?

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What are the methods for obtaining an Australian Visa. Can you tell me about the procedures and steps that are involved in getting the visa?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are some points that you need to keep in mind before you go for buying a student visa. First of all determine which types of visa you need, If you are travelling as a tourist, you can choose between an electronic travel authority, there is a tourist visa, which is valid upto 3 months, you can apply for student visa, if you are planning to go to work in Australia then there is another visa that is required.
    You can then apply online for ETA visas. If you are planning on visiting Australia for a vacation for upto 3 months and you are eligible country such as United States, you can get the visa online. Otherwise you have to go to Australian visa center or apply by mail.

    You have to provide all the information for your visa application. You can have your passport handy and ready. The ETA visa must be linked to the passport number on the passport with which you will be travelling. If you plan on renewing your passport, wait to apply for your visa.

    You have to pay the service fee. The ETA visas don’t have visa fees, but they do charge for the processing service. Visas by mail and in person require less visa fee.


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