How many women is James Martin dating ?

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How many women is James Martin dating ?

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  1. Guest24306109

    wouldn't wanna be in his fat chaffy shoes if any of these women speak out

  2. Guest24299822

    Why should they go to the papers ?




  3. Guest24296043

    I think it's about time james martin's women "buddies"speak out

    To the Papers

    Daily Mail, The Sun will be very interested

  4. Guest24132629

    He is dating 1 - Louise Davies

    However,  he is sleeping with several

    Not quite sure where he gets the energy or time,  but he is definitely seeing a few



  5. Guest24014533

    I know of 2 he`s seeing at the moment. He is a right ladies man LOL

    1 of them I know and the other hes been seen with on the tv

  6. Guest24012990

    Just 3 ?  I would of thought it was more than that. 

    The fat Yorkshire chef has never been able to keep ip zipped.  He`s like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to the ladies, so I reckon he`s got women all over the place

    He`s well known for having 1 girlfriend, but having a few "Buddies" on the side whom he manages to keep gagged

    Wouldn`t wanna be in his fat chaffy shoes if any of them speak out



  7. Guest24000317




  8. Guest23999670

    Apparently quite a few. James Martin TV Chef has a reputation of being quite a ladies man. There are several threads on this website that provide some interesting information on his current on off relationship with Louise Davies and the allegation that he has not been faithfull on several occasions.  

    James Martin is a wealthy batchelor that has declared that he will never marry. James has never been engaged or married.

    James has a reputation of being a Lothario and womaniser, which if you take a close look at his love will appear to be very true.

    It is understood that James Martin does not like to make any of his girlfriends public due to the many women he is involved with in his life at any one time



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