How many sponsors through sponsorship Australia?

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Hi dear

When it comes to sponsorship Australia, how many sponsors I can make out in Pakistan as I have three brothers and one sister living in Karachi. Please brief me and provide me some useful information about sponsorship. I am quite optimistic to have a positive response form you.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    You can also visit this portal to have an idea about the actual sponsorship program, through which you can entertain your family. There are important factors as well which are closely associated with the sponsorship process. First of all the sponsor should be eligible for sponsorship. If you are a permanent residence of Australia than you can easily sponsor.
    Question is how many sponsors?

    Well let me clear you that you can sponsor your brothers and sister easily, but you must have permanent residence ship of Australia.

    Go through this link and you will get the detailed information about Immigration process and overall criteria.
    This type of immigration falls in the other family visa sponsorship to Australia.

    Here is another link which is typically associated with family immigration and can help you in this regard.

    Visit these links and share your knowledge with me, if you find any confusion about immigration process please consult with me. I am always here to be of your help. on the same time I must tell you that this immigration process may take time, depends on your case. Your case can be strong or very weak.


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