How many levels are their in moshi monsters?

by Guest17966989  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I think there's a hundred or 48 levels, but i am not sure. What's your answer. Do a good guess.

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  1. Guest24796823

    Thier are exactly 65. I'm almost their.

  2. Guest23964923

     100 is the lighest level.

  3. Guest22654157

     no 100

  4. Guest21586149
    now silly is on level 46
  5. Guest20633353
    i no there is more than 45 because th top monster on moshi is a girl her name is silly she is on level 45 u should look at her and c she has 5 storey house AWSOME!!!! add me on moshi i am emma16042000
  6. Guest20026871
    I think 30

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