How many kinds of kilns do you know?

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Nowadays, many company have attempted to clean production of Metallurgy Kiln ,which has brought a good economic and environmental benefits . Staffs’ thought about cleaner production have also improved a lot . This mainly includes:

1. In traditional thinking, , environment protection means that using dust catcher for cleaning . Now , the staffs realized that to prevent pollution in the process of metallurgy kiln production is a very important thing , if there is an pollution problem in metallurgy kiln , they will look for reasons , and find out the new methods of clean production of metallurgy kiln.

2. Through the cleaner production audits , both leaders and employees have realized that Cleaner Production Audits of metallurgy kiln is a work of strong relevance and connotation .

3.Through the cleaner production audits . We realized that 'There is no best, only better ' in metallurgy kiln production. The enterprise must keeping pace with the times , to make the metallurgy kiln clean production work better, we need to improve enterprise’s level of cleaner production .

Dual-pressure system controls the quantity of primary air and secondary air more precisely than all negative pressure system. Waste air of the rotary kiln top is extracted by the run-off regulator device to keep negative in the zones above the calcining zone and make heat temperature even on the rotary kiln’s section. The regulating range of air quantity is 10%~100%. Regulating burning air quantity makes the lime rotary kiln working under the best operating condition, saves energy and cuts down production cost. kiln to extract tin and lead; in the process of Beneficiation, the rotary kiln is used for magnetizing roast to the lean iron ore to make the ore change from its previous weak magnetism to strong magnetism which is good for Magnetic Separation; in chemical industry, the rotary kiln is used to produce soda, roast phosphatic fertilizer and barium sulphide. LapPle from America invented a new

limestone rotary kiln:

dust catcher:
rotary kiln:

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