How many difficulties for South Asians in permanent residency UK?

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What are the possible hazard and threats for the South Asians in permanent residency UK? I heard that there are a lot of difficulties that South Asians face. Please tell me is this true or just a rumor. I want some information on this issue. I hope you can help me.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    You are right, after the terror attacks in US and UK, South Asian are directly affected. No matter they are involved or not, but they are targeted on different occasions. Ironically the visa and immigration process has become quite difficult for South Asians. I guess this is the main difficulty, which is the biggest one from the rest of the issues.

    On the other hand let me explain you well that do not be fanaticized with the glittering life in UK, as there are not golden opportunities waiting for the South Asians. On the other hand once the students were going there for their better future and jobs, but now the situation is quite different and the UK government has become quite strict about students who are doing job.

    It is better to hire an immigration consultant for your better future in UK. If you are applying for permanent residency in UK, than do consult a good lawyer if you face any serious issue like racism or extremism.

    Do consult me again and share your ideas with me, as I am always here to be of your help.


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