How many recommended ballet dance school are in USA?

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I want to start taking ballet dance classes and I want to about recommended ballet dance school in USA. Can someone provide me contact information of these schools? I hope you can tell me. Please!

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  1. Judi
     Dancing is one of mankind's oldest types of expression. Ballet, swing, tap and even the most rudimentary untutored steps permit persons to happily broadcast who they are through movement. Dance categories assist persons discover to conduit power into a prescribed scheme of expression. Even juvenile young children can joyously find out the world of dance. Dance categories for beginners are a very good way to assist young children discovers their own innate love of melodies and creative dance. So many recommended ballet schools are there in USA which is providing the dancing class facilities to the new beginners. Here is the complete contact information about recommended balled school in USA: • Alabama Ballet Phone: (205) 322-1874 Email: Website: • Alabama Youth Ballet Company Grebel Dance Phone: (205) 987-7234 Email: Website: • School of Ballet Arizona Phone: (602) 381-0188 Email: Website: • Ballet San Jose School Phone: (408) 288-2820 Email: Website: • Academy of Ballet Phone: (415) 552-1166 Email: Website: • San Francisco Ballet School Phone: (415) 865-6700 Email: Website: • Alonzo King LINES Ballet Phone: (415) 863-3040 Email: Website: • Anaheim Ballet School Phone: (714) 520-0904 Email: Website: • State Street Ballet Phone: (805) 965-6066 Email: Website:

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