How many cups equals 100 cc?

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I have my question regarding the measurements that are to be taken care while cooking. There are certain dishes and certain recipes in which the measurement has to be absolutely accurate, faling which results in the cooked item getting spoiled. For this reason I would like to know that how may cups are there in 100 cc which is a unit for cubic centimeters.

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  1. Harry

     There is no doubt about the fact whatsoever that there do happen to be so many dishes in which the measurements of the cooking items to be added have to be in a very specific quantity. If the item, for example salt, gets to be more than it is actually needed or required in a certain dish, it may not be edible for anyone. Besides, some scents and flavors that are added in certain dishes, sweet or spicy, have to be in a much specified quantity. Usually, there do not happen to be so much measuring equipments available in the kitchen while cooking so mostly people rely on measuring with the help of a standard tea cup. The standard tea cup is supposed to be having a volume of 250 ml. Now if one is to a measurement of 100 cc that is cubic centimeters, then it should be made sure that it is equal to around 0.422675284 cup, which means just less than half a cup.

  2. Guest10524603
    how many cups of dry rice equals 100cc

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