How many acres is 400 feet by 400 feet?

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I am a student of mathematics and little bit confused about that how many acres is 400 feet by 400 feet. Is there anyone who can help me please? I have searched a lot on internet but cannot find out any website, which can provide relevant information regarding this. Some websites provides information but I cannot understand from the website, please someone explain it in the simple way so that I will be able to easily understand it. My uncle was also asking me this question because he has to measure his land which is 400 feet by 400 feet in acres.

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  1. Angelina

     If you're talking about a building lot, then its roundabout (400 x 400) = 160,000 square feet = 3.673 acres.
    For acres in 400 feet wide by 500 feet wide its 90,000 ft² = 2.06611 acres.
    For acres in 400 feet x 800 feet in acres it will be roundabout 7.346
    Acre is widely used in imperial, us customary systems for land planning, land management, agriculture and forestry. Square feet are used mostly in real estate, architecture and interior space plans.
    If you are wondering how many square feet in an acre, then the answer is 43 560.
    1 Acre = 43 560 Square Feet
    To convert meters to feet multiply by 3.2808
    To convert meters to yards, multiply by 1.09
    1 millimeter = 0.03937 inch
    1 centimeter = 0 .3937 inches
    1 meter = 3.2808399 feet = 1.0936 yards = 39.37 inches
    1 kilometer = 0 .621 miles


  2. Guest10863737
    approx 2 multiply 400x400 then divide by 43560 (# of square ft in acre)

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