How many NADRA offices are in Karachi?

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I am new in Karachi and want to change address of my NADRA ID card but don’t know about any NADRA office in Karachi. Can you tell me about NADRA offices in Karachi?

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  1. Guest28169330

     i want know about nadra office in gulshan e maymar or their neariest ?



  2. Guest27945673

    I am looking nadra offices in gulshan or gulistan e johar , any one know tell me plz but quick thanks ....

  3. karachi guide
    Following are some of the NADRA offices in Karachi: DHA Phase 4, Shop No. 16/17, 12/13, Nisar Shaheed Park Gate 2, Karachi, Pakistan Phase II Extension, Karachi, Pakistan Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi, Pakistan

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