How long has Carlito from Holmes Inspection been married to Sherry Holmes?

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How long has Carlito from Holmes Inspection been married to Sherry Holmes?

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  2. Guest28095492

    WOW lots of negative remarks posted here. MJ and Sherry chose what they wanted to do for a living. They take after their dad  they love making it right and there nothing wrong with that. Sherry works just as hard as those men do and she should be getting credit for it, not all these negative comments about it. You try working with dirt and dust and see if you come out looking clean.  Lots of children work with their father. That why there are farmer, firemen. police officer teachers ,and so on, and etc. So stop and think before knocking an honest worker down.

  3. Guest28051717

     I knew that guy had to be g*y! Sherry is one of the homeliness she-males I have ever seen, not that Carl is a good looking dude, so ya, I guess it all works, LMFAO, at least they don't have the right plumbing to make any kids. Praise Jesus for that!

  4. Guest28051717

     I knew that guy had to be g*y! Sherry is one of the homeliness she makes I have ever seen, not that Carl is a good looking dude, so ya, I guess it all works, LMFAO, at least they don't have the right plumbing to make any kids. Praise Jesus for that!

  5. Guest24223589

     LMAO! She is married to Carl but having Damon's babies, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Why can't people accept the fact that Sherry and Carl are together, they make a great couple, accept it and move on. This topic has been beat to death.

  6. Guest24216858

    They are Damon's babies. 

  7. Guest23968269

     When are thier babies due? 

  8. Guest23887104

     Cute couple!

  9. Guest23768781

     Awwwww, that's so cute, both daughters married contractors! I think Carl is hilarious, she is a lucky girl!

  10. Guest23637133

     Married, common-law, whatever. Congrats on being pregnant you two, I bet Mike is a happy grandpa:)!

  11. Guest23628020

    You all need to take you anti-crazy pills today.  No one on that show is married, except for Adam.

  12. Guest23627959

    I guess Mike jr will be next, they are all so young to already be married and starting families, I guess their parents must have been young when they had them as well. Good luck!

  13. Guest23624341

     Congrats you guys!

  14. Guest23603452

     If you can't take the heat get off tv. The other sister seems to be the smart one, she still gets to work for her dad but doesn't have to deal with losing her privacy. Mike and Sherry are kidding themselves if they think they actually have careers in television ahead of them, they are painful to watch. No one else other than there dad would put them on camera. 

  15. Guest23597130

    It's not a secret, just simply not true.  You all must be obsessed with Sherry that you keep (wrongly) pairing her up with people.  Next you wil be saying she is having an affair with Frank the electrician. 

  16. Guest23587472

     What, its not as if its a big secret or anything.

  17. Guest23527350

    I see the mean girls ahve resurfaced.  ho hum. 

  18. Guest23516053

     They are having twins!

  19. Guest23347532


  20. Guest23347471

     They have been married for almost 3 years now. They are also trying for a baby, they don't want to be outdone by Adam and Amanda!

  21. Guest23224847

     LOL, she is rough. There is a picture of her dad on his facebook page, its from a prom he went to in the 70's or something, it could be her in a tux, its hilarious!

  22. Guest23222295

    Ouch, that's rough!

  23. Guest23221820

     Carl can do so much better than dating a chick that looks like a dude!

  24. Guest23220133

    Carl & Sherry are not married and not even dating.  They are co-workers.  End of story.  And, no, she is not dating Damon either.  Never has. 

  25. Guest23219880

     I think they got married last summer.

  26. Guest22808723

     LOL, any cuteness factor is an optical illusion, think about it, we only ever see her surrounded by big dirty construction workers. Take her out of that setting and put her in a room full of cute girls and suddenly she looks like Mike Holmes in drag, with rolls!

  27. Guest22791150

    Aww, come on. Carl seems like a nice guy.  Let him be.  Not everyone can look like Damon.  Sherry is a cute girl, although having love handles at such a young age is a bit unsettling. 

  28. Guest22791126

     LOL, it all depends on the episode and camera angles but neither of them seems to have a "good side"!

  29. Guest22784792

    which is which?

  30. Guest22784510

     Ya, fugly and fuglier, a perfect match, lets hope they don't have kids, SCARY!!!

  31. Guest22724600

     I could totally see those two together, they seem as if they would have a lot in common. The Damon rumour was so out there, he is waaaaay out of her league. 

  32. Guest22622040

     LOL, luckily, for fast food joints everywhere, their dad is still spoon feeding them. 

  33. Guest22569932

    Uh, those two couldn't cut it in a fast food joint.  You have to be able to multi-task and take a lot of c**p from people you can't flip off.  They couldn't cut it in any type of customer service industry.

  34. Guest22563300

     Looks like the kids are just killing time and collecting a paycheque. Think about it, you're 20 and you have no skills because you haven't gone to university and you have probably only ever "worked" for your dad, what do you do? Your dad's name might get you a job working for someone else but anyone else will expect you to work, hard, to earn your paycheque. You could get a job at some fast food place or you could just "work" for your dad. I hope none of them ever take over the Holmes empire, that would be the beginning of the end.

  35. Guest22557912

    I don't think annoyed necessarily.  I'm sure there are times they all wish the Holmes' kids had a little more experience.  I think he's trying to teach her what she needs to know.


    I think maybe Sherry might be the one to 'take over' the Holmes Empire from Mike.  I can't see MJ running it.  And Amanda doesn't seem to be interested in the physical side of the company.  But that's just more speculation.

  36. Guest22557418

    Why is Sherry on the show anyway?  I watch HI and they seem to just give her the busy work.  Do you think Damon gets really annoyed that he has to consider her part of his "crew?"

  37. Guest22557086

     All in good fun people, RELAX.

  38. Guest22550999

    Oh, so you meant bull-d**e to be a compliment?  Not hardly.  It is an offensive term and you know you didn't mean it in a kind way.   If her look does i tfor you then more power to you.  At least lay off the insulting terminology. 

  39. Guest22549512

     Who's hating? Where is the hate? I may be a little crass but I was paying her a compliment! She is totally my type, not skinny, by that I mean she has a nice amount of meat on her bones, some handles to grab, and a nice rack. I would date her. If she actually is married to Carl then, my apologies, but I thought that was just another stupid rumour, almost as unbelievable as the one about dating her boss. We don't know her sexual preference so why can't anyone comment? It's ok for men to comment but not women? Relax people, you should see some of the hateful things that are written about real celebrity's, these guys get off easy.

  40. Guest22549453

    Simple.  Jealousy.  She's on TV and they aren't.  And people seem to think it's glamourous or something.

  41. Guest22543539

    Why all the hate toward Sherry? 

  42. Guest22543434

     Married to Carl, that is such a joke! Sherry is exactly the type of bull-d**e I love! Don't listen to any of these idiots sweety! When you are ready to come out give me a call, i'd love to show you a good time;)!

  43. Guest22501080

    Carl and Sherry are not a couple.  Damon and Sherry are not a couple, neither is Damon and Carl or any other combo of HI crew you can put together.  The only people who have hooked up from the show is Adam and Mike's older daughter.  The show is very open and upfront about this.  The rest are just silly rumors that people post about to pass time in their boring cubicles.  Move on people.

  44. Guest22500560

     Yes, Carl and Sherry.

  45. Guest22485138

    None of them are couples.  People are BSing. 

  46. Guest22450279

    Who's a great couple??  Carl and Sherry?  Or Damon and Sherry?  Because the question is in regards to Carl and Sherry

  47. Guest22449361

    She is a friend of mine, they are a great couple and how long they have been together is nobody's business!

  48. Guest22444779

    ?????  Someone's confusing Damon with Carl because that's who 'Carlito' is.

  49. Guest22444076

    People are also confusing Damon with Adam.  Damon is not dating either of Mike's daughters, as has been rumored on the internet. 

  50. Guest22394930

    They are not married to each other.  People are getting confused with Mike's other daughter, who married a crew member (Adam). 

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