Life of insect flies

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I have a question regarding the flies. I always get fed up when I see flies in my house. Despite trying my best I have never been able to keep them completely away from my house. I would like to know how long do these flies live?

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  1. Harry

     The term fly is commonly used for almost any small flying insect of the order Diptera, or true flies, which includes the small house fly, fruit fly, gnat, blowfly, botfly, deerfly and horsefly. Many flies are either harmful as carriers of disease or nuisances because they are voracious biters or bloodsuckers. The housefly does not bite living animals but is dangerous because it carries bacteria and protozoans that cause many serious diseases, e.g., typhoid fever , cholera , and dysentery . According to the Orkin (pest control) website, common houseflies live for about a month. The 24 hour lifespan is a myth and some species of fruit fly have very short life spans. The housefly feeds by depositing a drop of digestive liquid on its food, which may be garbage, excrement, or other filth. Although most of the liquid drop is sucked back again through the insect's tubelike lower lip, or labium, a residue remains that may contain disease-causing organisms from previous meals. Disease is also transmitted on the fly's sticky foot pads and hairy body. Each female lays from 100 to 200 eggs in the garbage or manure on which the white larvae feed. With favorable temperatures, one generation or more per month may be produced.

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