How long do Roxy pain pills stay in your system?

by Guest6214  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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How long do Roxy pain pills stay in your system? i want to take them to get rid of this stupid pain but i want to know how long these Roxy pain pills will stay in my system before i take them.

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  1. Guest28060329

    The more you weigh, the more pills you do, the longer it will be in your system your body metabolizes the drug and it stays alot longer.  If you are a regular user of any drug I would give yourself at least 30 days to clean all opiates or coke out of your system completely the probation test detect 120 nanograms and the average lab test or Walmart test detect 350 in other words the probation test detect the drug when there are way less traces of it in your body than the OVC or regular lab tests do.

  2. Guest22779912

    ive heard of people getting them out in like 17 hours

  3. Jon Mani

    Just like codeine and hydrocodone, oxycodone is a narcotic painkiller and a cough suppressant. The precise mechanism of pain relief by oxycodone and other narcotics is not known. But before you go and take any drugs for pain, share the casue of the pain and people here will be able to guide you better.

  4. Guest22527614
    uh thats all bs im a drug addict myself iam in treatment tho. The more pills u do the longer it stays in your system. and i use to smoke pot once n a blu moon last time i did was 3 months ago and it was 1 hit but it still showed up on my drug test on jan 3
  5. Guest22501475

    I just did one and have a drug test on Thursday ( today is Monday).. lol I'll let you know if I pass

  6. Guest21983519

    dude its ur body. i took the weekend and the day of a p**s test bc i was in out patient rehab and still passed the p**s test and they sent it off to a lab! go me!!!!

  7. Guest20603787
    2 to 3 days
  8. Guest17701094
    72 hours
  9. Guest17040772
    i just wanted to post, cause i've always been told 3-5 days, but i smoked 2 pills on a friday, and pissed the following friday and failed.
  10. Guest16687545
    Roxys only stay in ur system for a few days... and i passed a urine test 4 days after a weekend of smokin, just drink water and u'll be fine
  11. Guest15861276
    well i have heard from a number of people that it will stay in ur system for 3-5 days and then after that ur straight but on the other hand if u smoke weed also then the pills will go away on a drug test but now weed if u some on a regular bases then it will take 30days but if u smoke once in a while then maybe 2 weeks at the most.
  12. Guest14620748
    I have heard from a number of sites about 72 hours a narcotic will stay in your system. After 72 hours you should pass any test they can give you.

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