How is the quality of life in Dubai UAE

by Mark Pine  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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How is the quality of life in Dubai UAE? Dubai offers a superior quality lifestyle that is truly international with luxury residential and office accommodation and excellent educational, health and shopping facilities. Sporting and leisure facilities are abundant and Dubai 's top class international hotels offer a wide range of dining and entertainment choices.

To add to all this did i mention Dubai is totally tax free living.
What would you spend all the extra money on, if you had saved all your tax dollars?

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  1. shahzeb

     The lasvegas of middleeast is your guess yup thats right

    you can found local casinos, bars and other filth there. i am wondering should dubai be named muslim state because i cant find any reason for that where Bars n Girl's are openly allowed n whenever you talk about this matter they all say its just good buisness so why not be original instead of fake two ways cant be together. Neglecting that negative aspect Dubai is just perfect there is World's only 7 star hotel and you also have world first handmade beach palm jumera there and also alot of shopping malls not to forget Marina Mall in the heart of  city plus there are also very good universities there like Briton n oxford Moreover. In General Dubai is Modern City of  what they sey las vegas of Middleeast...!

  2. Guest22886885

    city that never sleeps at night first place to visit is gablee hafeet which is 100ks from abhudhabi its sunset from the top of mountain is such an amazing view moreover endless shopping malls but i personally prefer marinamall the top of the top and the last but not least palm jumera such a breath taking place to visit i love to be there on vacations :)))


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