How is High Blood Pressure Diagnosed?

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How can I check that I have high blood pressure, what are some of the methods to find out high blood pressure, Are there any tests required, what type of testing we can apply to measure high blood pressure?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Hypertension is generally diagnosed on the basis of constant high blood pressure. Normally it requires three separate sphygmomanomaeter measurements for about once a week. Often this results in visiting the physicians office three different times. The Physical examination and complete history of the patient is required for the assessment. If the elevation is extreme, the sign or symptom of organ damaged is found then the treatment is immediately started.
    When the diagnosis is made , the doctors then try to find out the causes and risk factors involved in hypertension. The secondary hypertension is mostly common in preadolescent children, and with most of the cases which are caused by the renal disease. Primary hypertension is more common and there are many risk factors to it, which include obesity and the family history of hypertension. Laboratory tests are required for identification of the cause if secondary hypertension. If the hypertension has effected some of the parts of body like heart, eyes and kidneys then more tests of diabetes are conducted to check the level of cholesterol.
    The measurements need to be checked over some period of time, so that complete diagnosis can be made:
    Some of the questions that the physicians will ask or they want to know will be:
    What was your recent blood pressure?
    What was the previous blood pressure reading?
    What is the average systolic and diastolic reading?
    Has your blood pressure increased in a short period of time?
    Other tests are required to check for the blood or urine level or the heart failure. These tests might include
    Ultrasound of the kidney

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