Distance of Allentown PA from Lancaster PA

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I have a question regarding two cities in the Pennsylvania, United States of America. I have to travel to the U.S this summer and most probably I shall be visiting Allentown and Lancaster, both being located in the state of Pennsylvania. For this reason I would like to know that how far are these two places located from each other?

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  1. Harry

     The driving distance from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Lancaster, Pennsylvania is 68 miles or 109 km. It takes hardly one a half hour approximately to cover the distance. Allentown is a city located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, in the United States and is the third most populous city of Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Allentown is located at 40°36'6" North, 75°28'38" West (40.601697, −75.477328). Besides, it is the 215th largest city in the United States, and has a total population of 118,032 and is currently the fastest growing city in Pennsylvania. The economy of Allentown has historically been and continues to be manufacturing based. Lancaster is the county seat of Lancaster County, a city in the south-central part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with a population of 59,322. Lancaster is located at 40°02'23" North, 76°18'16" West (40.039860, 76.304366), and is 368 feet (112 m) above sea level. The Lancaster metropolitan area population is 507,766, making it 101st among US metropolitan areas. Lancaster is the oldest inland city in the United States and it ranks eighth in population among cities in Pennsylvania. However, Lancaster suffers from high unemployment, especially in the southeastern quadrant.

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