How far can a cricket jump?

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I have a question regarding an insect that we all happen to know as cricket. It must not be confused with the game of Cricket to start with. There would be hardly a place in the world where the crickets are not found. I have often been thoughtful about the jump that the crickets make and I always like when they jump. For this reason I would like to know that how far at the most a cricket can jump?

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  1. Harry

     Although crickets have wings, a large number of them do not fly. They have very small wings and these lie across the back. Along with time their legs have been developed to jump at great heights. Crickets are able to jump up to twenty or thirty times their body length, which is about three feet into the air. They are part of the family Gryllidae and are partially related to grasshoppers. These have a close affinity with katydids or bush crickets. There antennae are long and bodies are flattened and have a good vision as well as hearing. Their compound eyes enable them to see in several directions at the same time. They are often considered as good luck and those who are fortunate enough to hear their songs are said to be blessed. The lifespan of a cricket is less than one year and can increase if they are provided with a home, water and food. In the winter, the female searches for a good spot to lay the eggs, usually on the ground.

  2. Guest5828184
    20 0r 30 times it's body length

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