How does kappa alpha psi and phi nu pi relate to eachother?

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How does kappa alpha psi and phi nu pi relate to each other and how can i find more information for kappa and phi nu pi?

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  1. Guest28266147

    Phi Nu Pi is a secret within THE secret.  I saw someone posted "please understand that brothers/sisters of African American frats/sororities are protective of their secrects because our organizations our built upon tradition" mean African American organizations that have traditions, symbolism, rituals and representations of the Greeks (which I believe were white people) and Egyptians.  Each organization is represented by Greek letters for their name, have a false idol or God of Greek or Egyptian descent which is idolized and worshipped, rituals and oaths and all of these things go against believing in the one and only GOD.  The misconception that Alphas were the first Black Greek Letter organization when in fact it was Sigma Pi Phi (also known as the Boule) in 1904, a professional fratneral organization started by black doctors, lawyers, etc. whose logo just so happens to include a Sphinx which is also a symbol within Freemasonry who are said to have started Sigma Ph Phi which in turn started the first 8 of the Divine 9.  Once you pledge and become a member you are in it for life and cannot join another organization but there are members of the Boule within.  Do the research, find the truth.  Sometimes you are only told what you need to know or hear and the truth is cover or is a misconception or misconstrued because if you are on the lower level you don't need to know.  I'm not too much into the Illuminati although I think it could be possible but even the Divine 9s similarities with that are interesting....the Delta hand sign is the Illuminati pyramid and a hand sign said to be used by them, the Kappa sign is close to the 666 hand sign used, the Sigma sign is the hand sign of the Baphomet, SG Rho has the Skull and Bones symbol on their shield and Skull and Bones is known as a secret society at Yale with possible ties to the Illuminati and I thought it was funny that their hall is known as the "Tomb".  I could go on and the research and find the truth.

  2. Guest28166486

     True Nupes won't tell & can't tell if they uphold their oaths, it can never be repeated. PHI NU PI is not some g*y organization or some bullshit made up by other frats that don't know anything about it. Nobody runs around saying what gomab means or any other thing important to any other frat, somethings are just held in secret to keep them sacred not to be malicious or misleading. If everyone knew the passcodes to your house, anyone can walk in and act like family; not in KAPSI.



  3. Guest28076299

    The real question is are there any true swimmers among these post.....


  4. Guest27890043

    Yo Got d**n!


  5. Guest25019891

    Yo! Quagmire says Yo!!! !!! !!!

  6. Guest24958728

    Now how is "getting in the kutt" going to help one find out the true meaning?  AsK and you shall recieve, seeK and your shall find, KnocK and the door will be opened to you. Knowledge is power. And since knowledge is infinite so is the fruit with the seeds of Knowledge in it. The right answer is to ask the right question.

  7. Guest24918192

    You could be a Kappa and not a NUPE but you can't be a NUPE and not a Kappa.

    Join our bond.

  8. Guest24892079

    hey nupes.....go eat a kappa dounut 

  9. Guest23940148


  10. Guest23675585

    ok im a mason in i know the meaning of what nupe is must of kappa infro the secret part came from the members who were masons so their not going to tell you hirm wouldnt tell you give it a rest

  11. Guest23333634

    I was told that NUPE stood for never underestimate pu$$% eaters.


  12. Guest23332235

    I was told that NUPE stood for never underestimate pu$$% eaters.


  13. Guest22934223

    when i was a neo, my thought process was if you didnt pledge then you aint s**t.  as i grew older, i realized that as long as you knew your role, i dont care if you pledged or not.  now if a paper kat is tryin to stroll or twirl, then imma get at him and actin like he the nupes then imma get at him.  if he just a regular bruh who works for the frat and just attends meetings, imma give him a pass.  im not gonna treat him as a nupe, but i can definetly be cool with him.  All i know is i did what i had to do for me.  any of the nupes got a peppermint...

  14. Guest22929567

     Its almost sad how the men of Phi Beta Sigma hate on Nupes so much....almost as if you do it for attention. Our organization is not affiliated at all with yours so I don't even know why you even bother to comment. Point Blank...

    As for PHI NU PI, it is obvious that there is a significant meaning behind it that only brothers will know. EVERY FRATERNITY HAS THEIR SECRETS...SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL WITH OURS? (Handshakes, calls, etc) I understand your confusion with PHI NU PI but you will only learn what it means if you are fortunate enough to take part in our membership intake process. 

  15. Guest22787624

    Zeta Phi Beta owns Phi Beta Sigma.  You guys went bankrupt and the Zetas paid off your debt and own your frat.  The Sigma claim to fame is spreading the lie that kappas wanted to merge way back when.  You will always be 2nd rate.  The only fraternity in the whole world that is owned by women.  Quit worrying about PHI NU PI, save up your money, pay off your debt and get your frat back.



    "YOU WISH"

    "YOU WISH"


  16. Guest22689256

    sukasssssssssssss!!!!!! you all skated!!! get off the internet and in the cut!!!

  17. Guest22538740

    To the real NUPES on here, we know better then to argue with fools. We are way to busy achieving. Now a days you don't even have to get in the Kutt to know what PHI NU PI means anyway. Honestly, there is alot of esoteric information that NUPES know that even KAPPAS are not privy to, so that should tell you how important our traditions are. To those of you asking about it, please understand that brothers/sisters of African American frats/sororities are protective of their secrects because our organizations our built upon tradition rather than money. If the traditions die and are not held in high regard, then we lose what essentially bonds our members together. If you are not a member of our Noble Klan, then just knowing what PHI NU PI means will have little meaning for you anyway. We embody our traditions, which to non-members, are just words. Without knowing you personally, I respect your curiousity, but I cannot offer you an explanation of what Phi Nu Pi is, because even bros are not to discuss its meaning amongst each other. Please respect our wishes and I wish you success in any of your future endeavors. To the bros, we hit 100 years, so let's kontinue reaching and achieving...YO!!!!

  18. Guest22528169

    I was once told if I wanted to know, all I had to do was ask. So I asked. Then he wouldn't answer the questions. I'm laughing on the inside.

  19. Guest22526514

    Bothers lets not embark in classlessness of discussing what you know and I know.  I know one thing is that I can't tell my brother what it means so why would I tell a stranger.  A sigma thirsting a que hoping or and yelling.  You me we all are different, it took difference makers to with stand the scrutiny that they endured in those times.  So my brothers lets let them wonder because we know




  20. Guest22521192

    As a recent Pledge of Kappa Alpha Psi,i was online twice , i know how you feel asking a question like that. What is the meaning of PHI NU PI. You Thirst for Knowledge and the only way to quench this thirst is to enbark on the Journey into the land of Kappa Alpha Psi, in which you will meet a Many Great Teacher, named Dp and his Friend ADP, you will also meet a Special Man. He will reveal the Meaning of the words you seek. Fairwell my friend and i pray for you safe return .  you will need Prov 3 1-10 (This is a Gift)


    Disclaimer - Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc is a non hazing organization, we only aim to disipline in which you may feel pain. but pain is weakness leaving the human body


    Ace Klub ,KamaKaze of SJAC

  21. Guest22496272

    Ive wanted to pledge KAPsi for a very long time now. Im in ungrad school right now, and this is my senior year. The Kappas been off the yard for about 6 years now for hazing. So I didnt get a chance to pledge. So I guess I'll have to do it in Grad School. But Ive heard ppl look down on grad chapters. I wonder why? But I do want to become a member of a excellent fraternity of brothers while achieving my goals.

  22. Guest22487348

    Being a respectful non-greek that wouldn't even be a question I would ask. I don't see how it would benefit me. People these days are so cought up in matters that they have no business dealing with... Let the men of Kappa Alpha Psi keep their business to themselves and those that are truly interested in learning more about any greek organization should first start at their respective websites, speak to members and if ever so inclined pursue membership, and then you will have a grasp of all the knowledge that you seek.

    It's comparative to telling an outside something about your family, that has been in the family for years. Unless you getting married into it, you have no need to worry about it, and not reason to know it...

  23. Guest22477421

    Wow! These Answers And Responses Are Crazy! The "g*y" Fraternity Kills Me The Most!  There Are g*y/Lesibian Members In ALL Organizations! Its Not A Crime To Be Either! As For Asking What Things Mean In Someone's Organization Other Than Your OWN! Its Just PURE DISRESPECT! As A PROUD Member Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INCORPORATED I Had To Earn My Letters, Learn My History And Create A Bond With My Soror's ON LINE! There's NOTHING I Would Let An OUTSIDER Know! They Didn't EARN The RIGHT To Know What I Know! If You Want To Know About Any Organization Read The History They ALLOW You To Read, Attend An Interest Meeting, Decide If The Organization Is What You Want, Because Not Everyone Is Meant To Become Greek, And Just Because You Like Some Color's Or The "Reputation" They Hold Such As Pretty Girls, Pretty Boys, etc. That Is NOT A Good Enough Reason To PLEDGE! Make Sure They Share The Same Morals And Beliefs As Yourself! And None Of This Is Being Said To Be Mean Or Rude But Its Simple Rules Of RESPECT That People Need To Learn To Understand!

    P.S. Shout Out To The Brothers Of Kappa Alpha PSI For Joining The Century Club Today! SKEE-YO!!!

  24. Guest22458208


  25. Guest22362408

    please if your a sigma stop responding with your dumb a*s one wanted to join your lame confused organization...h**l yall dont know what you want to be.,part kappa part alpha part que...yall and the iotas are about the far as phi nu pi...get your butt on line get in the kut learn your info, and maybe than maybe you might learn what it means..probably not because you might not make it but maybe....yo yo !! YITB KOKAYNE SPR 86 Theta Eta

  26. Guest22258679

    It sickens me to think that you think 10 black men on a majority white campus would start a fraternity to down grade other black student by segregating themselves as NUPE and Kappa of start a g*y fraternity. Wow, you people are shallow. Kappa is founded on brotherhood and achievement in every field of human endeavors. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi were on a level that was so deep that most Kappa’s fail to know the true level of the complexity behind Phi Nu Pi. To just give you a taste of how smart the men of KAPsi were back in 1911 when the choose Phi Nu Pi. They decided to use Phi because it is the number of Divine Proportion, a number that is so perfect that is said to be the number of the Gods. Phi is found in every living thing and art work of perfection.

    If you don’t believe me look it up for yourself: The number of Divine Proportion

  27. Guest22232227

    U could be a Kappa and not a NUPE but you can't be a NUPE and not a Kappa

  28. Guest22174278

     I have not yet read everything but the individual who is complaining about the response...well you have to go through process to understand why phi nu pi or any other thing that is held sacred may be taken as sensitive. I know I worked hard to get Kappa, and I earned the right to be called a NUPE. Where I do understand your dismay, you must understand no matter where you go under any organization you will find things or people you don't like, but you must respect their struggle to get there. My advice...look for it and work for it. Never ask for anything because there is no meaning behind it there for nothing to appreciate!

  29. Guest22060682

    geez. all of you attacked the poor guy who just wanted to know a simple question. you could have just said the only real way to know is to join the frat and just left it at that. yall didnt have to 'go in' . why would u expect someone to want to join ur frat if your comments all portray you in a negative light. dont shed a bad light on all greeks. im not a greek myself but i know if i were to read this and was originally interested in ur fraternity ( if i was a male) i would have to second guess solely based off the immatre responses that you all gave. who wants to join a frat or soror that portrays themselves to others in a negative light. like if your not a kappa u basically suck. thats not wat the DIVINE - 9 is supposed to b about. althou you all are in diff org within the DIVINE - 9 ur still family who just fall under different beliefs. dont forget the true meaning of that. grow up. obviously u all are in college or graduated so act like. shame on all of you.

  30. Guest21857318

     Well as a NOBLE SIGMA MAN, PHI NU PI has no exact background to it, but on the real, if you want to kno you are going to have to pledge, but all i can say is that the Kappas was in the danger zone of getting the fraternity extinct for good, so they wanted to have a joint system with us SIGMAS that was declined, thats when they decided to join with the money powered fraternity of PHI NU PI to keep it alive. Thats all i can say so just leave it at that......

  31. Guest21833636

    to all the bros that responded to this silly a*s question leave it and let it be. for we the noble brothers of  KAPPA ALPHA PSI   no the real meaning of PHI NU PI and should not have to defend what we no so tell them to kum find out they way we did pleadge a real frat and see.

  32. Guest21784083

     If you know what it means then you know it should never be repeated!

  33. Guest21288288
    I can't help but laught at these posts. I'll refer to these as ignorance simply because you don't know any better. I, as a Noble Kappa brother would never inquire about the history or rituals of another fraternity that I have no interest. Therefore, If you're interested in KAPsi, go to an interest meeting & go through the intake process (go meet Doc). If you were once interested in KAPsi & decided to be initiated into a different fraternity... sorry for you. Nupes, What's the weather like?! LOL Y.I.T.B. Dot Kum Nu Eta (NONE Greater) Spring '04 Ace Klub
  34. Guest20335257
    phi nu pi = friends never part NUPE = Negroes Excel Under Pressure
  35. Guest19886657
    If you wanna know what i know then do what i did. YO!
  36. Guest19505888
    Yea kappas went broke that ask the sigmas that they wanted to join but got rejected its on there history
  37. Guest18884963
    Stop skating and get on line and earn it!!!! Ya Diggs
  38. Guest17050723
    What does PHI NU PI Mean??? So here's what u been waiting for world...Im bout to tell it all. PHI NU PI means.....PHInd u a NU pair of ballz and PI them at the store so you KAN bekome a REAL MAN and PLEDGE Kause that's the Only way to find out..."2 B A Pretty NUPE u got 2 GET IN THE KUTT"...LOL...
  39. Guest15879706
    You know people that don't know about fraternal things because they did not have the guts to pledge kill me trying to give answers about things to which they do not understand turned to a white fraternity. How would the fraternity with the most money have to do something like that. To answer the do you know what Phi Nu Pi means NO but to a Kappa Man it is as real as Oligujuan slam dunkin. To all my brothers of the Noble Klan keep reachin.
  40. Guest15761158
    Ignorance is bliss...A NUPE knows what a NUPE is and what it stands for...and as a NUPE, who knows his history and whose lineage goes back to one of our founders, I resent the assertion of running out of moeny and soliciting a white fraternity. You want to know what Phi Nu Pi means...join our bond...otherwise sit back and watch us achieve
  41. Guest15191349
    Phi Nu Pi is only known by the men of Kappa Alpha Psi. If you really want to know... then go ON LINE!
  42. Guest14963481
    None of your business. Nupes know and that's all that counts.
  43. Guest13184991
    you forgot the part that phi nu pi was a g*y fraternity
  44. Guest13156554
  45. Guest12311734
    LOL. Huh!

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