How does a worker carry over his leave in United Kingdom?

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How does a worker carry over his leave in United Kingdom?

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    Workers don’t have an automatic right to carry over leave they haven’t taken but in some cases they may be able to. A worker working 5 days a week, can carry over up to 8 days leave out of the 28 day entitlement to the next year, if this is written in their contract. If a worker gets more than 28 days’ leave, their employer may allow them to carry over any additional untaken leave. Check the employment contract, company handbook or intranet site to see what the rules say. If a worker can’t take leave because of being on some other type of leave (for example, sick leave or maternity leave), they may be able to carry-over some or all of the untaken leave into the next leave year. In sickness cases, employers may not be required to allow workers to carry over the additional statutory leave which exceeds the 4 week entitlement.

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