How does SBI Personal loan compare with those offered by other banks?

by Guest22773962  |  9 years ago

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I am collecting information regarding State Bank of India. I want to know, How does SBI Personal loan compare with those offered by other banks?

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  1. johnmatt

    There is no such difference but all banks have their different different policys and rates of personal loans.If you take this loan from axis ban you can get it in a different rate and if you get it from sbi you get different.So it will depends on bank itself.

  2. Guest22773963
    There is total transparency with regard to the rate of interest and the fees charged by us. - We offer personal loans at the cheapest rates of interest, with no security or collateral - We offer loans for the longest tenors (48 months), with the flexibility provided to reduce the tenor by prepaying the loan without any penalty. - We provide finance for any personal need or requirement, the total amount being determined on the basis of repaying capacity. - With an SBI personal loan you can choose between fixed rates of interest and floating interest rates. - We levy interest based on daily/monthly reducing balance, unlike the annual reducing balance method used by several other banks.

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