How do you write bunny in ancient indian letters?

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I have a question regarding the ancient Indian language. I have been reading a lot of the history of India and I believe that there are many languages that are being spoken within India. For this reason I would like to know that how do we write bunny in ancient Indian letters or in simple Hindi letters.

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  1. Harry

     One has to be a linguistic so as to answer this question. The Hindi alphabets that are used today are by no means easy to learn and write. Now if talk about the ancient Indian letters it may be an uphill task. Now we try to translate bunny in Hindi or ancient Indian language, there are two possibilities. One is that the word may not exist by that time and the other if the meaning of the word does exist, it may also be the same for some other word. If we talk about simple Hindi, bunny can be written as करगोश. India never had one alphabet (not even today). It is a country of thousands of languages and dialects. There is no similarity between any Indian writing system and the Latin alphabet used by English speakers today. The earliest attested Sanskrit texts are Hindu texts of the Rigveda, which date to the mid-to-late second millennium BCE. No written records from such an early period survive. However, scholars are confident that the oral transmission of the texts is reliable: they were ceremonial literature whose correct pronunciation was considered crucial to its religious efficacy. 

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