How do you unclog drain in a frigidaire refrigerator (frs24zrh)?

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frigidaire refrigerator frs24zrh is leaking water. There is a large build up of ice in the bottom of the freezer that comes from the frost melting when the defroster turns on. The coils under the fridge seem to be warm. How do I clean an unclog everything so that water doesn't collect in the freezer?

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  1. Guest12238290
    I figured it out.... on the newer side-by-side fridgedaires there is not really a drip pan as described in the other posts. Only a little white plastic pan (10 x 10 inches) in the back under the freezer. The Steps: 1. Remove food from the freezer and put in a cooler with some ice. 2. Remove the cardboard-like back panel of the fridge. You will now be able to see the small white plastic drip pan under the back of the freezer. 3. Use a vaccuum (a swiffer duster also helped) to clean as much of the dust and yucky stuff from your fridge as possible as this is what clogged your drain in the first place :( 4. Remove the racks from the freezer and the panel beneath the ice maker in the inside of the freezer. You will now be able to see the drain. You can tell your drain is clogged if you pour a glass of warm water onto the drain and it overflows and collects in the bottom of the freezer. 5. Unclog the drain. Get creative here... I used some thick wire to break up the clog and then used drain cleaner when it was still running slow. If you do the same, be carefull and make sure you clean the drip tray again when you are done. 6. Put everything back together and pat yourself on the back :)

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