How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 park ave supercharged 3.8?

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Water Pump of my Buick is not working. I need to change it. Please guide me that how can I replace the water pump on a 1995 park ave supercharged 3.8.

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  1. James Augustus

    Before replacing it you need to check your vehicle water up and identify the reasons of not working properly. It is always recommendable to determine the reasons so that you can easily manage to fix it. It will save your time and a good amount of money. So do not replace it without checking it
    First check the shaft that is connected to the electrical fan blades pump drive pulley as well.
    If you find any issue in the shaft or the puIley then you require separating the pump and need to change the bearing.
    Locate the area if water pump failure is because of a leak in the casing. Check the water pump housing for leaking and then water stains in the drainage hole which is next to the pulley.
    If you find water dripping from this hole, then the seals inside the pump require to change in order to fix the pump.

    After determining the reason it is better to consult it with auto mechanic to fix. If he suggests that you can repair it at home without wasting time then it is OK. Try to fix it yourself. Otherwise it is better to take your vehicle to the mechanic for repairing.

  2. Guest10502945
    how would u remove and replace water pump on 93 park looks fairly easy

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