How do you replace fuel pump on 2005 toyota corolla?

by Guest3690  |  11 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I do not know how to replace the fuel pump on Toyota Corolla 2005 model. Could you help me in fixing that please!

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  1. James Augustus

    The 2005 Toyota Corolla fuel pump is mounted in the fuel tank. You need to remove it which is bit different from other models of Toyota Corolla. It is not a big deal to replace but it only needs little effort and  know how. It will take your time fix it. I recommend you to visit car mechanic to fix it rather doing it yourself. Good luck!

  2. Guest10424087
    1. Remove rear seat bottom by lifting up front edge about 18" in from each side. 2. Release fuel pump harness retainer clip from chassis floor and allow to lay freely. 3. Remove four 10mm screws and lift access panel. 4. Disconnect negative terminal from car battery and allow car to sit a few minutes to discharge. 5. Disconnect wire harness from fuel pump and lay in rear passenger foot well. 6. Disconnect fuel line and return line from fuel pump. 7. Unscrew white plastic retainer ring that retains the pump in the tank. Take care not to damage the plastic ring or the seal underneath the pump. 8. Once the retainer ring is removed lift the pump out of the tank. 9. Unless you buy a new pump from Toyota ($900) you will likely need to visit a salvage yard for the pump ($125). No autoparts stores carry this fuel pump yet. 10. Reverse steps 1-10 to install the replacement pump being sure to get plastic retainer ring factory tight. If not you will smell gas fumes inside the car.

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