How do you make cheats in mathletics live?

by Guest6646  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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How do you make cheats in mathletics live? give me step by step way to make these cheats so i can start helping all those who are in the same shoe as me currently.

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  6. Guest25006230

    i must say for the ones that say close ur laptop how the h**l is that ment to help me cause my laptop goes on stand by


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  11. lsly88

    ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
    ???????????DOWNLOAD L?NK
    ???????????D?RECT L?NK
    ???????????S?NGLE L?NK
    ???????????NO PASSWORD
  12. lyls84

    ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
    ???????????DOWNLOAD L?NK
    ???????????D?RECT L?NK
    ???????????S?NGLE L?NK
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  13. Guest23252530

    I just tried ctrl and enter soooooooooooooooooo

    does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Guest23209090

    press Ctrl and Enter

  15. Guest23141577


  16. Guest23133737

     This only works on laptop wat u do is, Go to Mathletics live and when it says 3...2...1...Go!....You close the laptop and it will freeze the other ppl so yeah 

    Hope it works! :)

  17. Guest23113858

    that sucks all of suck

  18. Guest23103308

    don't go to its p**n

  19. Guest23042739

    f1 f2 f3 f5 does not work. just wastes your time and TIME OF YOUR LIFE so think about it

  20. Guest23005221

     how do i use cheat engine on online games?

  21. Guest23003425

    1 go to mathletics 2 sing in 3 tip in 2433 8 corbin you will get 1000000000000 credets

  22. Guest22949996

    I agree with Geust 17895358!

  23. Guest22861949  will help ya out 
  24. Guest22811201

     you fuking nub now you bech if you want a fhit come to the park 

  25. Guest22794052

    Hey wats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  26. Guest22794025


  27. Guest22789610

    Press ctrl+alt+enter and then you will get 100% in everything (8=0-) and this cheat doesnt work and why would u give a s**t anyway its g*y like ur face( LoL) 

  28. Guest22772912

    white boys suck  your moms

  29. Guest22727055

    the cheats said here have been block by the creator of mathletics as people like us were wanting to skip them i know if you go on to the main page if u have tasks go up to the sit bar thing at the top of your page and deleate the big group of numbers like near the end this deleates all your tasks but im not sure what it says to your teacher, it does work but im not sure if those instructions are right i think it say not done but then just tell your teacher that i did them and there must be something wrong eith the computer :P haha

    happy to help aussie 15 yr old girl

  30. Guest22714161

    F off u son of a b***h these do not work


  31. Guest22708033


  32. Guest22687314

    The cheat ctrl and enter dont work so get a life some of you use a calculater which i would call cheating so but at the same time your not cheating from the actual computer or laptop. SO         DONT         CHEAT       ITS      BAD

  33. Guest22686936

    it doesnt work learn maths bro

  34. Guest22684538 

  35. Guest22684498


    I think we shouldnt chaet but also ill tell you 1 cheat get a low score beat it and carry on doing that and youll earn about 5 10 credits


  36. Guest22672631

    u guys should stop this#

    this is not right

  37. Guest22610303

    i will bang you munnebe

  38. Guest22324898

    all you have to do is press ctrl enter at the same time in the middle of a live game 

  39. Guest22320928

    s**t head suck c**k

  40. Guest22004465

     well first you need to press bdcbsojhhjcgvxhjhfvck jfhbuuij


    or be good at maths 

    anyway why make an account if you are gonna cheat:):):)

  41. Guest21969549

    you can try to suck my dogs d**k but it mite bite u it is a german sheperd hahahhhah so stop saying tthat stuff .

  42. Guest21888794

     none of these work dude!

  43. Guest21887248

    this is c**p stop wasting my time!

  44. Guest21881225

    i dunno


  45. Guest21843332
    • hii
  46. Guest21703759

    by sucking my poodle and say hi

  47. Guest21674126

     This is a working mathletic cheat:

    TRAIN YOUR MATH!!!!!!!





























































  48. Guest21666791

    just use a cheat engine


  49. Guest21618991

    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">u nees 2 go into live & press f5 u will reset it</span>

  50. Guest20841843
    well for live there's cheat engine (speed hack) for normal there's ctrl + enter and for everything else, try using charles so u can have the questions become the answers (the answer appears instead of the question) hope his helps :D
  51. Guest19858365
    I know how to cheat just push CTRL ana ENTER
  52. Guest19809892
    go to youtube and type in cheats for how to be a loser
  53. Guest19461206
    Just call you parents for help! Or someone that is good at math
  54. Guest19270207
    do you just keep picing the computer so you rock
  55. Guest17983640
  56. Guest17895358
    i think u should all back off it is helping kids that are bad at maths or want to improve, i am good at maths but it is a very good game so BACK OFF MATHLETICS WE ARE NOT FREAKS AND U R JUST AS BAD LOOKING AT CHEATS SO THERE!!! i didnt mean for that ro rhyme and get a life REALLY swearing online that is sooooo cowardous u cowards
  57. Guest17640543
    well press ctrl and delete if odsent work download hackers rpg
  58. Guest17168589
    you urmm i dunnoo imm nott a genis likee yuhh outt theree x
  59. Guest17163090
    ok download cheatengin and slow down ur browser time goes slower
  60. Guest17155409
  61. Guest17155409
  62. Guest17036748
    well dunno theres a thing called learn the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AND 0 U NUMBNUTS
  63. Guest17018348
    use a calulaor
  64. Guest16863035
    u lot r nerds cauze u go on mathletics which is 4 nerds u r the world saddddest people that i have heard about. ooooooooppppsssssss i might of disturbed u,ur probally playing the stupid old MATHLETICS!!!!
  65. Guest16805882
    plz tell me lol
  66. Guest16613378
    heyyyy what why do u need cheats i am awesome at it its so easy
  67. Guest15730107
    -2 / -1
  68. Guest15724314
    i will kill munnebe arfan hahahhaahhhaha danjit
  69. Guest15692384
    munnebe arfan harbone hill this is danjit you will die at 12 oclock hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahha in five years
  70. Guest15692384
    white boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssssssssss
  71. Guest15625986
    oi you or you gonna bang
  72. Guest15625986
    u know what your so childish just like your moms wasemans man your just white boys
  73. Guest14723022
    you have 2 no your maths and got 2 have a brain!!!!!!!!
  74. Guest14665639
    I don't think so. You probably might be able to hack Mathletics, but you certainly couldn't cheat.
  75. Guest14357880
  76. Guest14198690
  77. Guest13989031
    i Have no idea soz mate
  78. Guest13858875
    it is so un fear that they cheat it makes me so angry
  79. Guest13854205
    if you are starting a game and if you don't like what your doing just press F5 then you will go back without striking out
  80. Guest13839857
    dont know wach a lot of live games on the youtube site
  81. Guest13577531
    i need to know what the mathletics cheats are please crtl and enter dont work tell me someething else!!!
  82. Guest13464805
    i don't know
  83. Guest13225801
    When you vs someone when there next to you look at the answer they put in then put it in.
  84. Guest13048657
    u just play live mathletics
  85. Guest12998862
    do you know ur credit cheats!!!!!!!
  86. Guest12814725
    i have 100% on all all mathletics tasks :) i am 47 years old
  87. Guest12057381
  88. Guest12057381
    100credit cheat
  89. Guest12017183
    use ctr_enter together sos i dont know any more from Rimzaa Hussain folks
  90. Guest11897937
    yes in live level one press:987654321
  91. Guest11101891
    are there any mathletics cheats

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