How do you change a garage door light bulb?

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I need to know the procedure to change a garage door light bulb? Is there anyone who can help me please?

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Angelina

     The Genie car dock doorway opener is a dependable supplement to your garage. One push of the remote control button and your car dock doorway undoes, asking for you in from the inclement weather. The doorway opener furthermore has a lightweight in front of the power head to illuminate the car dock for a couple of minutes. Just like any other lightweight bulb in your dwelling, you will have to restore this bulb from time to time.
    • Set a step ladder under the power head of the car dock doorway opener so you can come to the power cord and the lens cover safely.
    • Climb the ladder and drag the power cord from the outlet in the ceiling. Press the two lens tabs in to disengage the lens from the power head. The lens tabs are underneath the opener rail on the top bends of the lens. Pull the lens cover directly off of the power head.
    • Unscrew the lightweight bulb from the lightweight socket. Use a new 60 watt bulb to restore the defective bulb. Do not use a short neck bulb. s***w the new bulb into the lightweight socket just as you would a normal light socket.
    • Slide the lens cover back over the front of the power head. Push the lens cover in until the locking tabs enlist the peak bends of the lens cover.
    • Plug the Genie car dock doorway opener power cord back into the ceiling electric outlet.

  3. Guest10811418
    how do i change a garage light bulb?

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