How do you become a moshi member for free

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How do you become a moshi member for free

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  1. Guest27974527

    can i have the answer so i can suprise my little sister?

  2. Guest27549833

    for three days its 25833 plus 5 random numbers


  3. Guest27369699

    i know someone with lots of membershipcards she is gonna give me some and add me on hanzypanzy 12 and say on the pesonal message thing when you add me say hi i seen your post on how to be a moshi memeber for free and i will give you a code off my freinds membership cards she gives me

  4. Guest26978525

     there will b ea moshi membership card and then you type in the code.

  5. Guest24226622

    Hey people i know how to become a member not for free u have to have a profile and a hotmail but its inpossiable to get on hotmail anyway how u have to have a hotmail and a profile then u go on the page were it says moshi member team somewere on the page thn u ar a member its so easy iam a member its so kwl SO TRY IT AND BECOME A KWL MEMBER YEAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!! ATINTION THIS IS REALLY TRUE TRY IT if u cant find the word saying moshi memebr team then leave it some ppl ar soooooo lucky

  6. John

    You cannot become a moshi member for adrift unless you afford an account. The merely way to obtain adrift membership is whether you obtain a membership gift card.

    You can MAKE a adrift bill and play, but you're not a member. Of course moshi membership obtain to do more things.

    Some citizens shall tell you there are these glitches on how to be a member for adrift, but the glitches don't labor anymore.

    It dose not price packs of money. It's merely £4.95 a month; for six moths its £23.70; for a year it is £35.40. It can be expensive, but value it. And whether you purchase the year it appears like ten years whether you go on it every day

  7. Guest22875721

    This coolkilo person only gives it to people she knows she told me and told me she was sorry her friend wrote on this and said she is the queen of moshi because she gave that girl  a code for membership but she cant give them out to anybody or everyone would get it free 

  8. Guest22861698

     Hi I am the queen of moshi monsters I can offer anyone free membership because I know someone who runs it my name is coolkilo

  9. Guest22834944
    • does roawry srawl know?
    • does anyone know?
    • can anyone tell me?
    • does it say it on any websites?
  10. Guest22814882

    I have no clue but please add me! I'm hugsandkisses1010 and I only have two friends!!

  11. Guest22813825

    you  ask spookygirl

  12. Guest22788680

    hey answer this dum Question

  13. Guest22667608

     hi guys im dest im purplemania00 i need help where do u get the member ship cars wat store if you know where pleaze add me then text me where to get them thank you

  14. Guest22639614

    i wanna become a moshi member 2 and like every one else is askin who is the kingg??

  15. Guest22474868

    Shut the h**l up about this 

  16. Guest22473585


  17. Guest22452618

    i know add lil_miss_princess and write to her hi 10 times and she will offer you to be a member but dont give her your password because i did and she changed everything but im not a member because she is dogey so dont really add her

  18. Guest22441216

    well to become a moshi member you have to bay

    1 month: $5.95
    6 months: $34.95
    12 months(1yr): $49.95


  19. Guest22407442

    who's the king of moshi monsters

  20. Guest22405298

     the king is lil_miss_princess123 she can make u a free member say hiya to her 10 times and it will say on ur screen she has offered u free membership no lie

  21. Guest22399304

    well i dont bluddie know who the king of moshi members is and if i come to this site to find the answer i want the answer

  22. Guest22399304

    well i dont bluddie know who the king of moshi members is and if i come to this site to find the answer i want the answer

  23. Guest22377932

    how do u be a free moshi member :)

  24. Guest22377223

    guyzz i realli wnt to be a moshi member 4 free buh i dnt no hw to plzz help me

  25. Guest22349401

    Guest19936030 f**k up you t**t some people like moshi monsters

  26. Guest22346137

    i used to be one but it got cancled but i really want it back and they don't let you do any thing if you'r not a member AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Guest22289780

    oh shut up i came to this web page because I wanted you to answer that darn question so why dont you get off your big butt and search the blooming web yourself and find out then do everyone a favor and tell us the answer when you have found it










  28. Guest21995367

    no idea but I really want to be a moshi member without paying

  29. Guest21869530

    How much is it to become a moshi member for six months?


  30. Guest21548936
    whos da king of moshi monsters
  31. Guest21172355
    i have no idea
  32. Guest20630782
    i really dont know but i wanna be one
  33. Guest20617049
    I Think The Level 10 To 20 And You Get Rox
  34. Guest19936030
    f**k u s*x is better then this
  35. Guest19261561
    i want to be one too and i AM GETTING IT next week! I'M SO LUCKY!
  36. Guest19068237
    i wunt to be come a moshi member
  37. Guest19023928
    hi i think you lot are talking balone i gess there anit a way to do it so were have to stop searching were wasting our time else hay hay hope u stop searching for it so u have fun in the sun !!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Guest18538769
    i became a member for free when i was a level 10 and i had 1000 rox
  39. Guest18379627
  40. Guest18313394
    hi im Guest18313394 please add me on moshimonsters my owner name is:idico
  41. Guest18313394
    i think your monster level is 20 or 21 that way you can go to port im not sure sorry guys
  42. Guest18102468
    who's the KIg of Moshi Monsters?
  43. Guest17719190
    i really want to be a member for free only for 1 month please help me i beg you
  44. Guest17657505
    how d heck can we become a member in moshi monsters by not paying?!?! i really wanna become one.
  45. Guest17401478
    how do you become a moshi member
  46. Guest16410896
    i dont know but i really want to!!!
  47. Guest16253455
    ask the king of moshi members

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