How do we see and distinguish colors?

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I was wondering what is the process by which we identify different colors, how do we distinguish red color from the others. Can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is a very interesting process which occurs in the back of our mind by which we distinguish colors. In technical terms color is defined as the visual effect that is result of different spectrum and light which is transmitted and reflected by the objects. Light and reflection are the key factors which effect our way of looking and distinguishing the colors. Eye interprets every color differently and the distinguishing of different types of colors is known as color effect. When there a light thrown on any object that object gets the rays of light and absorbs it while its reflects the other rays of light as well. This process of absorption or reflection of the light rays results in identifying different types of colors to be seen. It can be understood in this way that when we see red ball, it is the result of the reflection of blue light while the absorption of the other lights.
    Daylight is a white light which is made up of different waves or impulses which have different wavelengths or dimensions. When these wavelength are separated, each and every wavelength produces a specific color impression to the human eye. So for the example of Red ball , its not the color of the ball that is generated by the object, instead it is the light that generates the colors, this results in the reflection of specific wavelengths of light rays which fall off an object.

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