How do i get my parents to let me go out on my own? im 13

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Im 13 years old and my parents never let me go out on my own. they only let me go skating by myself because we know the guy that owns it and because there are security guards. But ever since ive gotten into middle school ALL my friends can EXCEPT for me. and now im 2 about graduate to highschool and they still wont let me and its effecting my social life. And i can never go out with my bf. Please someone tell me what i can do to help them realize i am responsible! i already have 5 cats 2 dogs 4 turtles 3 fish and 1 snake that i take care of what do i do now?!

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  1. Guest14764272
    well,explain to them calmly and as grown-up as you can,and then,lay it on them,tell them that you cant live your life in a box,plus,your practically an adult,and they are not gonna be around to tell you what to do then.good luck!

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