How do i do the Omega psi phi handshake?

by Guest7196  |  11 years, 7 month(s) ago

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How do i do the Omega psi phi handshake? It looks so kool.

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  2. Guest28110327

    If it were for everyone than it wouldn't Be a secret. BTW, Nov. 17, 1911. Be Owt Bruhs 101 years.

  3. Guest27515491

    This is silly

  4. Guest24931561

    THat is crazy bro!!! U really don't want to know the handshake because with that becomes great risk and reward. 

    It takes a man to destinguish a man and to know a man, SO MOTE IT BE!!! my True Brothas and Ayee!!! to my true Dogs. 

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  6. Guest24930471

    they grib the wrist and they put 2 fingers on below the palm of there hand like its a bite...

  7. Guest24580407

    First of all, the Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity is not a 'gang'! There is an old adage that says, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."  Some of you are asking questions about what takes place in our organization, but if you truly wanted to know, you'd enroll at some university and pledge like the rest of us.  Not only pledge, but take advantage of getting an education so that the questions you seek about "life" will be answered.  If you are cursing because one of my frat brothers checked you, then ignorance, as they is bliss.  Don't get mad.  Instead go about it the right way.  Knowledge is key.

  8. Guest24179071

    Save yourself an a*s whooping and dont even ask for it. Dont get caught in a clandestine state; for its not worth the consequences. While friendship is essential to the soul; some heads need "bussin"!lol

  9. Guest22941526

    It is not worth talking about It to them we know and that is that. why don't they ask the FREE MASON, how to shake or call them a gang, this is just a bigger frat. Talk to me.

  10. Guest22815522

    Someone do me a favor and compare being a member of a black greek letter organization and a member of the Bloods, Crips, BGD's, and VL? I mean know a lot of members in these black greek organizations that are...........let's say doing gangsta s**t. And if you think that some of these gang members are not educated, u better think again!!!!! To be honest I think it is all some bullshit, especially since most of them arent doing anything but setting our people back a hundred plus years.

  11. Guest22699883

    Omega Psi Phi is VERY different from bloods and crips! You don't have to matriculate into a University or College to become a blood or crip. Most bloods and crips can't even write (like some of the brothers on here)a proper sentence. The bloods and crips gain respect by committing heinous crimes. Omegas gain more respect when they receive their college degree. Bloods and crips are back stabbers. Not us! We cherish friendship, b/c we know it is essential to the soul : ) Peace to everybody. If you want to learn about Omega Psi Phi then do the correct things!

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  13. Guest22507142

    Wow, If you really want to be an Omega Man, go to school and learn. Instead of asking the question about the handshake or other issues that do not define us men of Omega. Stop wondering how it is, become what it is and then your post would sould so much better

  14. Guest22476901

    how much it is to pledge Omega Psi Phi ? at what age is the limit to pledge Omega?

  15. Guest22462561

     Omega Psi Phi expects its members to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the
    organization’s pursuit of its cardinal principals and national program objectives. The integrity of the
    Fraternity depends upon each member's acceptance of individual responsibility and respect for the
    rights of others. Omega Psi Phi expects that its members will not lie, steal, cheat; engage in dishonest
    or unlawful behavior nor any behavior intended to( inflict physical ) or emotional harm on another
    person or property. @ Guest19579873

  16. Guest22445236

    If the tone you are using brothers is represenative of the future we are in trouble. Where did all the profanity towards one another come from.When did all the animosity enter. If this is what we have created, I am shamed to be a Brother

  17. Guest22415172

    All I wanna do is set owt some hoes.  Bruhs...where is the fat cat?  All this other s**t is stupid.

  18. Guest21753388

    its the same as the allpha handshake...rooo

  19. Guest21635658

    Wow!! Testy aren't we?

  20. Guest21613998

    Guest19579873: 2 cent, b***h-made muthafucka - the query was "how do I do the handshake?" WTF do you mean "if you wanna know what the handshake is"? HE ALREADY ASKED YOU! If you really knew, you'd have given it up in your post.  Go back to class, e-gangsta, and keep that imagination limited to your keyboard - I've seen fools get wrecked for a lot less in real life.

  21. Guest21612414

    Same as Rocks,Paper,Scissors........

  22. Guest20504190
    Guest19579873 Ok .let me know please. I would greatly appreciate it.
  23. Guest19979304
    My Brothers, let us not forget what for which we stand! We are men of Omega!! It is our duty to provide, but rest assure we will uphold our principles and morals as men! If you want the handshake of OMEGA PSI PHI, walk a mile in my shoes, and you will find there HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Young Brothers all the secrets are avalibile accross the Sands....... My Brother FIETTS, Stand on the shield, and remember ur 1st test. Rooooooooo
  24. Guest19743935
    Found by four accomplished, serious and learned men. The handshake is not the key to the organization. Rather developing manhood in our youth, developing the mind through scholarship, uplifting the black community and persevering through the challenges to life and success. To focus on the handshake misses the point. To hurt someone who is emulating their father by wearing a shirt with the colors on it also misses the essential point of developing brotherhood among like-minded men and promoting the concept that Friendship is Essential to the Soul.
  25. Guest19725710
    Dude that's complete bullshit, If your friends father is/was an Omega his son would have known to never wear that shirt unless is was his to wear! Both my Father and Grandfather as am I. That would never happen!!!!!
  26. Guest19579873
    Man, I think all you black frats are no different than the blood and crips. You wanna fight when someone has your colors on or asks about your secrets. You jump a weak minded dude to get in the frat," Thunder Clap" my a*s. Yall are just weak. And have said it to Greeks in the face. I saw a young man get beat down by 12 Omegas for having his father's shirt on. He only wanted to be like his father, but as a result lost a lung. I tell you, if my son ever decides to wear a shirt of any kind and he gets jumped, best believe there will be one less chapter in Omega Psi Phi and a whole bunch of funerals. Bunch of b***h a*s niggas. If you wanna know what the handshake is i will gladly tell you as well as all the secrets you need to know.
  27. Guest19192455
    Its very simple, put your hands together and go beat off. You don't deserve to know that. If I knew who you were I would send an SOS Slam on site on your AZZ.
  28. Guest18398192
    calm down big brother my brother many men aint ment to hold ya'll rank due to some messed up obligations wishing they had the chance and blessing that you hold, its easier to tell them what theyneed to do in order to have theyselves in order for when it comes time to "grip that grain" on they a*s believe me this its a road many are willing to take but a road few have traveled on. -the prodigal son
  29. Guest15879156
    dont disrespect que psi phi please and anyway none of you are omega MEN so dont disrespect the organization
  30. Guest10458595
    LOL at put your thumb on the persons hand,,,,,dumbest s**t ever!
  31. Guest4778893
  32. Guest2244784
    Exactly....Pledge and let me put this wood to dat a*s.....Then there is the next phase.
  33. Guest1571058
    First you stick your entire hand into your a*s and l**k it clean! Once you get past this part I'll give you the rest!

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