How do i change a brake booster on a Ford 350 1 Ton Van

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1997 Ford 350 1 Ton Van - 10 Cyl.

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  1. automd
    Hi, I haven't tried replacing a brake booster on a Ford 350 but you can use these general steps as a guide: 1). Park your car in a safe place with enough room to work around the front and driver side of the vehicle. 2.) Locate the booster push rod connected to the brake pedal. 3.) Remove the cotter pin securing the booster push rod pin to the brake pedal using a pair of nose pliers. 4.) Release the push rod pin from the brake pedal and slide the push rod off the brake pedal. 5.) Unscrew the four mounting nuts off the brake booster studs using a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. You should be able to see the four booster studs extending through the firewall, in front of the brake pedal. 6.Disconnect the vacuum hose from the brake booster, working from the engine compartment. Use a pair of slip joint pliers. 7. Remove the two nuts holding the brake master cylinder to the brake booster. Use a wrench or ratchet and socket. 8. Separate the brake master cylinder from the booster just enough to make room for booster removal. 9. Pull the brake booster off the firewall and remove it from the vehicle. 10. Install the new brake booster

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