How do i ask a girl out in 6th grade without getting rejected?

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I love her and want to be with her. Unfortunately unable to gain enough courage to talk to her. So need tips are ideas that how can i make it possible.

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  1. Guest28264834

     Ive been crushing on the same guy since forever today i told my friend to ask him out for me what do i do if he says yes or no plz answer me on my kik 12_diamondgirl_12

  2. Guest28263232

    i dunno how, I had low self esteem until today when they girl I like almost poked my eye out with her bow (violin bow sit right next to her in orchestra i play viola) then she hugged be and called me adorable, I dunno if its cuz I am short and have a baby face, or maybe she likes me.... HALP

  3. Guest28166402
    Be yourself act cool and not to get ur nerve overwhelmed. I also liked a girl and is afraid to ask her out.
  4. Guest28164157
    get a life man no one cares
  5. Guest28160753

     I like this girl yet I don't know if she likes me, we talk a decent amount and she is my friend. What should I do?!?! I haven't told anyone how I feel yet

  6. Guest28156993

     I'm gonna ask out a girl tommorow, and I'm just going to go for it. Now I know the whole,"But what if I get rejected" c**p, but if you do get rejected, let's be serious, we're in middle school, it can't be too hard to find someone else. Even though, you should have at least some indication that she likes you before you ask her. I am completely sure that this girl likes me, but I'm still nervous. It's natural. Just go for it. 

  7. Guest28143781

     Dudes I'm in 6th grade... it's summer, going into seventh, I have a girl friend, ask her to like a school dance first, then after, if u 2 had fun at the dance ask her out, works very time

  8. Guest28142568

    I have a crush on this girl and we are friends and we talk like 2 or 3 times a day and I want to ask her out but don't know how

  9. Guest28131362
    I need help! I trusted one of my friends with a secret about who I like and she told it to her. I'm really frustrated!
  10. Guest28127392

     Just come out with it suddenly. Like tell her a good joke. Then BOOM ask her out

  11. Guest28123918

    <p>&nbsp;Guys, I'm not sure if a girl likes me or not. What should I do? If it doesn't work out, I like another girl to. (Both of them are SO s**y!)




  12. Guest28123918

     Guys, I'm not sure if a girl likes me or not. What should I do? If it doesn't work out, I like another girl to. (Both of them are SO s**y!) 



  13. Guest28118734

     you people are pathetic

    im in 6th grade also and you dont need a girlfriend!

    i mena it you are all pathetic!



  14. Guest28108142
    I am in 6th grade but there is a girl in 5th grade who I like.At my school elementary. School lasts till 6th grade. One time when I was walking back to class and she was standing in line. I LOOKED into her eyes for a good ten seconds and I think I gave her the message. Now she always looks up to me and smiles sometimes. Now she starts playing handball with my friends and I one court away in the 5th grade court. Before she never went to play handball but I think now she wants to get closer to me. The thing sucks is that she is always with her friends and I can never get her alone. The other thing that sucks is that I have never spoken to her in words but through eyes and body language I have. I am sure she likes me because she has never given me the cold shoulder or anything like that (I only know this because I was sad enough to go on a website to see if she really likes you. Turns out my hypothesis was correct before that website.) Well that's that.
  15. Guest28096649

     Here is a hint i have tryed to ask a girl out in the fifth grade she said no after a year at middle school during chosing. Seats she chose to sit next to me but why??? Well on the first day i went and talked to her and said i still like you she smiled and said mayby at that moment i rememberd that that meant the girl means no so i just left a week later i saw her at her locker she was kissing some guy i was sad i thought i wasnt gonna have a chance but i did so 2 days later was the track meet and that day i thought i might have a chance when the pistol fies i ran i wanted to seem noobish at first then i started to really run i won i won i look around she wasnt there i go inside and check she isnt there i go to her locker she was there crying i said

  16. Guest28089421

    hey im in 6th grade, and my main thing is how do I tell my parents about all this?

  17. Guest28074085

    I have got girls down to science which I am the best in my school at anyways the only real way to tell if a girl likes you is to ask her  but using body language is also found efetive girls have 52 body language signs to say hey I like you boys however only have 10 these in include pointing your knees elbows toes and fingers at them therefore the same for girls use this to figure out if they like you then make your move also establish a friendship before asking her

  18. Guest27892175

    there were so many signs that this girl had liked me!!!! so i always draw these pictures that this girl Mackenzie likes (Mackenzie is the girl ive liked sence 4th grade) and i drew this 1 pic of plankton from yaknow spongebob and it looked exactly like him she asked if she could have it and i said probably not because it was my best and only pic of plankton. later on at lunch i actually was brave enough to ask her out so what i did to ask her out was during social studies iwent to the bathroom and took the pic of plankton and a red pen out of my pocket and wrote i <3 you under plankton on the pic. at lunch i walked up to her gave her the note folded up said here and walked back to my table. all my friends were saying oh my glob you actually did and at the same time Mackenzie was smiling at me from across the room i was so sure she was gonna say yes and during friday free time her friend brianna told me that she liked me 2! but then she told me that she wasnt interested in a relationship. :( and after friday free time instead of gym we had a pep rally and then Mackenzies friend Ayla hooked her up with 1 of my no longer friends richie >:( i know this doesnt answer the question but i want 2 tell u that u can never be 100 percent sure if agirl likes u unless they actually said it without anybody forcing them 2.

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  20. Guest27867814

    im in the sixth grade and im scared because i told my friend to go tell her i like her and then she wanted me to see her but i said no :_( i only see her whn shes at her locker or when im in my electives and so my friend told her  she asked me at the end of the day :( but i said yes and she just smiled i dont know if she likes me or not but ive got a plan but i dont know if it will work but i dont know what to do the reason i only get to c her at thoes times is my school is stupid and we have thingies called teams -_- -_- -_- -_-each team has diffrent teachers ima titian shes a bulldog and i dont hav a phone

  21. Guest27459090

     I would suggest just ebing nice get to know her. personal experience!

  22. Guest27307156

    if you want a girl make shure you like her before you go for it here are some tips] 1: sit by her at lunch and see what she likes [2] if you have a class together sit by her but not wene you have tomany frends 3 is good over that is bad!!!!!!! [3] if you make a comversachin try to fit in a joke if she jiggals thats a sighn she might like you [4] once you git to know her ask her to speke in privit or tell her that you like her in privite or out just tell her

  23. Guest27307042

     i need help i going back to school in 3 months becas im in home school becuse i got beat up a lot becuse i stand up for my frends and grils so yay im going to 6 grade and in 4th grade i seen a gril and i totale missd my chance becuse i got pinnd up into the wall and the guys frend ask her out becuce thay once were my frends andi tolde theme and he hade a crush on her to and thay wre my gurds becuse i agread to give my pizza to them on friday and thay gurdid me and thay were bullys so yay can you help me out plz

  24. Guest25004073

    I really like a girl at my school and i want 2 ask her out xcept she is always with her friends. should i ask her out wen she is with her friends or should i find a time with her in private?

  25. Guest24997584

    i asked a girl out today it is friday so i must wait till monday.i have liked this girl since 1st grade.she is cute,very nice personality and funny.what else can i do to improve my chances of getting a ''yes''? im going to put a note in my lockr,but what else should i do?


  26. Guest24972796
    Hey I'm in sixth grade and what I did was to just be my self and ask her in privite do you want to go out and it has not failed me yet!!!!
  27. Guest24954912

    guys i am in 5th grade getting ready for 5th grade and these comments are helping me with 6th grade love

  28. Guest24934695

    Theres this girl in 6th grade that I like and I wanna ask her out but Im scared  and I think she'll call me ugly  ... But I think she likes me too because one day we had a stare contest for like 20 sec. and she was smiling , and talking to her friend whyle she was staring at me . she also always asks me to make her a origomi ninjastar and when I say yes ( witch is always ) she says " your awsome " . so yeah thats pretty much it , I need edvice so I can ask her out .

  29. Guest24932881

    I also have a girl i like ... well a coupel girls and one of them are beyond HOT but i dont know how to ask her out . im too scared she mght call me ugly and reject me


  30. Guest24761294

    im in a pinch with a girl at school.

    the problem is that i was gonna ask her out but then my friend went and asked for me and i got rejected. it really pissed me off because i love her, i would take a bullet for her, i was gonna buy her lunch but because of sum jackass i got rejected and now ive been so bummed out for like a week

  31. Guest23880704

    lol i be a guest


  32. Guest23632631

    hey man  i am in 6th grade 2 so i was scard to ask her out because i am kinda a nerd :[  so she is out of my leag and all my 5th grade life i wanted her soooooooooooooooooooooo much sry i am telling u this and crying at the same time every since i saw her i said WOW!!!!!!   ;]]]]..........but............... i told my best friend and he told all of  my friends!? ;[ and she found out! and then i am standing there saying to my slef i am a a*s 4 doing that. but in the 5th grade we had a talent show and i was in the crowd and sitting behind me there she was! and ofcrose i had the idea of be4 the talent show about 3 months later i made pu a roomer that didi not like her any more. and here i am in the talent show talking too her and then she wanted too sit next too me because i told some of my friends crushs that i was not going to tell butt she told me who she is dating JUST meso i hhave a itouch 4g with facetime ! and  i get too do it with her ! NOT s*x face time or kissing but just pray man it dose work !!!          [ijust got out of now in summer goind in to 6th grade]

  33. Guest23336646

    ASK HER OUT!!!!!!!!



  34. ZZ

     Love is the feeling which is shared by both the parties means male and female. If you are in love with her and you want her to love you then you should watch her closely and examine her activities. 

    After getting all information about her you can crate love in her heart. You simply need to show her that you care for her very deeply. The first time talk is never easy but its not that difficult as well. If you feel that she might reject you than instead of asking her to go out with you some where you can simply ask her that if she can walk along with you while she is going home. Or to learn the best you can match the movie Cent of a women. That will surely help you out. Best of luck.
    The real love always make you true and if your feelings are true then she will be yours. Be very true and always stay cool whenever you are around her. 
  35. Guest23295994

    try finding what she likes. if you have money buy her something.


  36. Guest22598313

    Just begin to flirt. Tell one of her best friends that you like her. She will soon tell the girl that you like  how you feel. She will know but she thinks that she doesnt know that you know that she knows your secret. How to flirt is very easy if you are open minded. For example. Just give her a compliment for a topic. For example, if she talks about music and you know what instrument she plays, say "This is random but do you know that you are hella talented playing the _________ (<-------Instrument)." Just be open minded and bring out topics where you can compliment her. Also tell her best frind how you feel about the girl you like. Just remember that if they told you that they know that you like her, dont ignore her forever. I have experienced this. Just still talk to her IN PERSON. Dont just text her. Dont be shy and you will soon have a girlfriend.

  37. Guest22564246

    I'm in 6th grade. can someone help me? I like this girl Mary at my school, but then there is another kid named Chris who likes her too and asks her out. I was goin to ask her out to the next middle school dance but now their dating and I am kind of pissed off.

  38. Guest22536289

    do it till ur balls drop

  39. Guest22380825

    I am a sixth grade girl so maybe i can help.If you like someone and ACTUALLY like her not just for looks you sit by her smile at her tell her a complement then say i got a crush on you.wait for her reation . if she looks digusted say bye or change the subject. If she smiles back at you and looks happy ask her if she wants to do something sometime.

  40. Guest20602284
    well im in sixth grade and i have a gf.. so first you start a conversation to fin d out her likes and dislikes.get to no each other. then just say "i like yuor oufit" or somthing like that. and wait for here answer. if she says yes say "i have a crush on u". if she says o, really say ya and walk away and smile at her if she says me too say will u go out with me?
  41. Guest20435418
    im ust gonna tell u somthing grow some balls an ask her
  42. Guest16791772
    Be Sure to say it nice and just not trying to get it over with. Also if your at a new school don't try to ask the first girl you see that you think is cute make sure you have enough in common. Last year in the fith grade that I really liked and she liked me but I never had the guts to tell her MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT AFRAID!
  43. Guest16786981
    ive ben crushing on the same girl for ever ive told her i like her and after that she never replied its ben a week wutta i do......
  44. Guest15729901
    don't feel bad if you did get rejected i just got rejected by 2 girls! try livin my life for a day... ok,so if you want this girl badly,just ask her out with no fear trust me i was terrified on my first date but it went very well i just kept my cool and,wadda you know...she kissed me! and now we are as tight as a hand lock. so all you guys out there just keep your cool and if you still have a little courage left ask her if you can walk her me thats how i got mine and its gonna be how you get yours!
  45. Guest15669611
    If you are friends with the girl, then just tell her that u like her more than a friend.If she laughs or anything or rejects u,then ask her if u can still be friends.if she says no,then shes not worth ur time.Im in 6th grade 2. I tried it and now im going out with the girl so trust me just go 4 it,bro.
  46. Guest12339567
    do not AND I MEAN DO NOT be mean to her. i have seen this multiple times especially since our dance is this week. But also find out what interests her. but also make sure your breath could be the best it can its a turn off (from a girl) and take a shower the morning you have the guts to ask her out. hope this works!!!

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