How do I unblock my PUK CODE. I have been trying to get my LG 300 trac phone unblocked PUK Code

by Guest17167798  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I have been trying to get my LG 300 trac phone unblocked PUK Code for 4 days now, safe link or LG will not respond i do not have another phone to call anyone, my daughter has seizures

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  1. Guest23621002

    Im tryna unlock diss PUK code alsoo. I juss dnt knw hw 2 i even read da entiree book dhatt camm wif it twice.UGHHHHH!!:) (frustrated)


  2. Guest20617064
    my silly 3 yr old cousin was playing wiv my fone yest and some how swicthed it off and on again when some truns my fone on it ask for securtiy code wiych is **** he muzt have keept typeing in some numbers qitue a few times and then its said enter puk code when i saw what he done it was tp late tp enter puk code couz he again was typeing in numbers it now says puk card blocked how can i unblock it cant phone the operter my com is 3g and my phone make ist ZTE F107 plz email eamilme ASAP
  3. Guest20474333
    how do i unlock my safelink phone its asking for a punk code
  4. Guest17698530
    It does not matter to use 911!!

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