How do I make this guy feel guilty for me?

by Guest23319257  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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This guy had been rejecting this girl and 2 other guys (3 total) guys and now he started to like this girl and he is pissed like super mad at me and he was just looking mad at me.and now it seems like he HATES ME!!!and the other guy,2.but i think only 2 of those 3 guys r pissed at me,but what can i do to make them feel guilty??? cuz i didnt do anything 2 them!!!what did i do??NOTHING!!so what do i do for their REVENGE

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  1. Guest27390972

    Guest27390430- thank you! i really appreciate your help! & things were a lot better this year! right now its summer time 4 me, LOL and next year i'm going to 8th grade.......
    Guest27390165-  Some guys are "afraid" to tell/show you that they like you. The guy might like you and just doesn't wanna admit it! Maybe you should try flirting and see what happens. Or see how he reats if another guy talks to you. and I'm sorry, but if the boy doesn't like you, then maybe you should try your best to move on because you can't force someone to like you. I hope I helped (cuz i'm really dumb!! LOL:D!!!)

  2. Guest27390430

    Life is too short for revenge!  Just ignore those guys and move on.  There are many fish in the sea and if they don't like you, for some reason...then it just wasn't meant to be.  You have to realize that you are a powerful strong woman, who really doesn't need those guys to be a great person, you already are!  It's their loss!  It seems to me that they are already feeling guilty because they are angry, so you have already impacted them emotionally.  Be the better person...just because they are angry, doesn't mean you have to be...don't waste your time on them.  Insulting them will just escalate the problem and then they will start saying negative things about you.  Be strong...find that one person that loves you for who you are and wants to be with you.  Anger is a wasted emotion.  It raises your stress and is not good for your health.  Just make sure you take care of yourself, and do what makes you happy.

  3. Guest27390165

    i told a boy in my class that i like him! i was so embarrassed and i told him it was a joke but he didnt belive me!!!!!!!! then a bully in my grade almost made us kiss!!!!!!!!!!!! i want him to like me but he's "not into it." he's the cutest boy and half of the girls in my grade likes him! what do i do to make him like me????( please answer this quickly becuz i wanted to dance with him at this dance thats coming up at my school) HELP

  4. Guest25024158

    Go kiss another boy's lips and say i love you in front of him and once he sees say "what u lookin' at" to him

  5. Guest25003604

     Jk. dont kiss him he'll think ur crazy and if he has a gf,omg it'll just cause probs if u kiss him even if he doesnt have a gf). just look sad when around him and never notice him and he'll wonder

  6. Guest25003604

     next year make your eyes look watery (as if ur crying) and make sure he sees u like that, go up to the guy, kiss his lips... then leave.

  7. Guest25001615

     im not physic i know this from personal experience: the drama will go away/fade away over time and you all will feel guilty for each other and feel stupid about being pissed at eachother for nothing and get along... but next year the same thing will happen again. then it will fade. drama like this only happens for two years. by the 3rd year you all will be more mature.

    P.S. when your going through the drama- know how to defend yourself if the drama gets violent. don't be stupid enough to let people bring/take you down

  8. Reylon

     jay-kay idk if ur gonna make out. but he will feel guilty naturally over time. because its not ur fault if/when u like someone. u just cant help it. its all natural to develop feelings for a certain person/("special") someone. but if he never feels guilty, a way 2 do it is to pretend like u forgot about him and dont remember him at all. treat him as if he never existed in ur life and that u dnt need him. and he'll wish that he never let you go..

  9. Reylon

     by next year you'll end up making out trust me i know what im saying im not stupid. and this is how its gonna happen in just 10 easy-peezy-lemon-sqeezy steps:

    1) your gonna start getting along again..

    2) your gonna become friends..

    3) the guy might ask u out, but if he doesnt, it doesnt matter ur still gonna make out..

    4) ur gonna start making moves/flirting..

    5) ur gonna start holding hands..

    6) ur gonna start kissing

    7) ur gonna start touching eachother

    8) ur gonna get hornyy

    9) ur gonna make-out

    10)ur gonna like it

  10. Reylon

     Take This Quiz:

    1) Did you know boys have a way of hiding their feelings?

    A) Yes

    B) No

    C) That's boy bussiness idk what feelings they can hide besides liking a girl.!

    D) Maybee

    2) Did You Know That Between A Boy & A Girl Hate=Love (all the freaking time) in any situation?

    A) I have heard of it, but didn't believe it. (Especially if the boy punched the girl in the face!!)

    B) Duh of course I did!

    C) Im dumb idk anything at all no boy will ever like me! Ah-ha! No wonder that guy hates me!

    D) No.

    3) Do you care about this boy because from what I see, you obviously care about what he thinks of you.

    A) I thought he hated me! NOOOO!

    B) yeah..

    C) kinda pissed at him and want revenge

    D) i don't care about him

    E) he ain,t in ma life anymore why bring him up,here (in this quiz or at anytime at all)

    F) This is just a waste of time idk why the heck i even took this quiz!!

    Now that you've taken it, think about it. By next year, you'll end up holding hands,kissing,then touching eachother, and of course, then making out! trust me i know what im telling you

    A) I heard of it, but just didn't believe it!

  11. Guest25000932

     whether he liked u 4 real and rejected the other girl, is a player, and hates u, no matter what u do, act like u dnt notice he hates u. its simple. act the same. act like u did when u 2 got along just fine. time helps and heals everything. he should start to feel guilty naturally very soon. u noticing will just make him hate u more. and if u've already noticed..he'll hate u longer than e should but he'll stop and realize it isnt ur fault if u like someone or not. maybe all of y'all should move on.if ur gonna be fighting over eachother,it isnt worth it... unless u decide to fight and someone wins the battle. ho gets the girl? who gets the guy? if u fight and one girl and one boy win, then they're probably meant to be. the others... h=should just move on. but remember-hate=love.

    & "The More You Hate Someone, The More You Love Someone.." The Saying Goes On.. & On.. & On.. Over and over and OVER again.. ! Think about it. Your learning. Your still growing up. EVERYBODY makes mistakes and learns from them. U all just GOTTA LEARN 2 FORGIVE & 4GET, OKAII???? :P itz not the end of the world for you guys you got ur whole life ahead of u! So enjoy while your here and still can!


    before its too late

  12. Guest24999372


  13. Guest24998606

     ~oh yeah and Guest24998556, p.s. : he is a straight a student,smart, sexii. and hes hot seriously if you saw his face, omg!! and i make A's & B's. i love himm i hope hes single & wants a gf ;)<33~

  14. Guest24998606

     To Guest24998556: i think he likes me. he stares at me and gets jealous of all the guys that are even around me. a guy doesnt even have to be talking to me. if a guy is just around me, he'll get jealous. talking would make him furious. and this year seventh (7th) grade, he tried getting my attention by yelling in the hall after school once. we sometimes tease eachother at lunch(this year),also. and just last week, he talked to me and teased me at lunch to make a guy (that we know) that was staring at me jealous of him. last year his friend told me he called me "hot". omgoshh, riteee?

  15. Guest24998556

    does the guy that used 2 hate u like u now cuz if he does ur gonna end up making out just watch. ive learned this from personal experience. hate=love. fighting=shows a way u care about one another (u fight only bcuz u want the person ur fighting with 2 improve with whatever theyre doing wrong which is whts bothering u..). stalker= Talker with an S dangerous drama= your meant to be together 4ever.

  16. Guest24998426

     yes i think hes hot. i love him<3 and he is also VERYYY popular at my school

  17. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

     Yo girl who asked the question, does the guy that USED to hate you have a crush on you still and/or now? and do u think hes hot

  18. Guest24998215

    oh yeah and haniawaseem
    , in my last answer i posted,i 4gotta tell u that  the guy wasnt just using me cuz he did like me 4 real wen he was rejecting the other girl last year. this year were fine and hopefully it will STAY that way :/ !!

  19. Guest24998204

    im the same person that asked the question.were all in middle school. the drama happened last year. and this iz 4 haniawaseem
    : not sure but he did feel bad 4 hating me and this year (7th grade) stares at me sometimes and plus this year i dnt have any classes w/him!!

  20. haniawaseem

    so what abt that girl the guy liked? is he back with u?

  21. Guest24997765

    dont do anything. act the same as you did before when you all got along. act like nothing happened. the girl will end up with someone else and next year he'll kiss you and the world will make sense once again(:

  22. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    dont even try it. you all will feel so guilty and sorry for eachother later and wanna get along. next year you'll end up making out with the guy that hates you. TRUST ME on this. and the other girl will end up with someone else. BELIEVE ME,PLZ. & remember, "The More You Hate Someone the more you like someone.." the saying goes on and on and on..

    You Live & Learn 'n' Hate iz alwayz= 2 Love

  23. Guest24997660

    were they just using you because they didnt like the other girl or they liked you for real and not the other girl... because if they liked you for real and used you...then thats a completely different story compare to if they just used you and didnt like you at all. either way, they were probably mad at you because they used you to get the other girl to stop liking them then felt bad for her later. and thats not a reason to hate someone or even just be a little mad at them. its not your fault if you like someone or if you dont like someone. it all depends on if your meant to be or not, and maybe none of these 3 guys are even meant for you or the girl herself. you 5 (you,the other girl,and the three boys) should just move on and go out and find somebody new. have a good cry, get prepared and be ready to open up your heart again, smile, be positive, stay fresh, take a step from the dark to the sublight, believe in yourself, and move on <3

  24. Guest24997093

     time heals all wounds little sister. next year he'll fell bad for you because its not your fault if you like someone and him and his 2 lil friends were dumb to not know that.but either way,they dont have a right to "hate" you or be "mad" at you. thats just plain stupid. act like you dont care at all and try getting along with them as much as possible. he'll realize what hes been missing once another boy comes around and starts making moves with you right in front of his little dirty face...oh and one other thing: did he really like you or was he just a player? if he had a girlfriend and was making moves with you-player. if he liked you and didnt have a girlfriend and was making moves with you-not a player. think about this.did he even tell u he had a girlfriend or u found out unexpected then he told you? think about that.if hes a player, NEVER go out with him and he will be jealous of other dudes around u once he realizes your not easy to get. if he is not a player, he will obviouly feel guilty for you l8ter(a few weeks or months at the latest) along with his friends.

  25. Guest24987968

    don't do anything(exept ignore them and roll ur eyes @ them) & in a few months or one or two years,they'll get revenge. trust me.if someone does something bad to you,dont do ANYTHING back (exept ignore and roll ur eyes at them),and they'll get revenge.its payback time! Hehe:P

  26. CoolGirl95

    Simply just move on with your life. I lost a friend because he says i texted him to much and that i was stupid,but I moved on. We all make mistakes. Who cares if he hates you,anyways?

  27. Guest24946845

    ~You Can Do This In Just 6 EASYYY Steps!!~ :

    1). Be very nice and friendly to them and they girl they like now and always smile at them when you see them. you should even wave (in my opinion).                                              Try getting along with them as much as you can.

    2). Act like your taken. For example: Spread a rumor secretly without them knowing that you and a guy are going out (the way to do this to where no one in the entire school will know who (you) started the rumor is to suddenly go up to a friend, and say "Some guy in our grade level just told me there is a rumor i'm going out with David?" then after that no one will know!! ta-da!! Or you can just act like you like another guy in front of their faces.

    3). Everytime they stare at you, do not notice. Act as if they don't exist.

    4). Stay far away from them as possible.

    5). Avoid eye-contact. At this point,they won't just think something is up,they will KNOW something is DEFINITELY UP.

    6). Talk to other boys and even flirt with them!!!!! Once you hit this step, theyll start falling for you again and probably end up liking you again. Then they wont hate you or the girl or themselves at all. (Now, at first they may "think" that they hate themselves for hating u,but they really don't. trust me,they'll find out.) They will think they were pretty stupid for being mad at you because you can't help it if you really like someone. unless you were using them of course. either way,if they were just using you,these steps will still work. . .OBVIOUSLYYY!! Haa! ;<)

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  29. Guest24930749

    all of these 3 guys are players...remember in ur question u said 2 of the 3 guys were mad at u? well dont think that means anything.if any of these 3 guys show ANY sign of liking you,ignore it and treat them as if they are a friend,and ONLY a them that your done with them...thasts like telling them off with body language.personally,i think you should just kick them out in ur life and dont even talk to them or even look at them.theyre trash! they will understand the true and real meaning of "love" later on in their lives.and were they just using u 2 reject the girl,or did they really like u instead of the other girl?either way,they have no right to hate you it wasnt their fault if they liked u 4 real and it wasnt urs,either.and if they were using you,it WAS their fault.not yours! either way,theyre trash.even if they really liked u 4 reals and not the other girl,they still dont have a right to hate u,you know! so just leave them and show them that your done with them and they will start to feel guilty themselves,all right...for all the girls they have messed with.including you! show them that ur done with them and they'll learn a lesson.and be guilty.

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  31. Skyler

    and i mean what i said in the last answer! me on this girl,im a guy and i KNOW you should stay away from these 3 (as in liking them,showing them any signs u like them,and if they show any sign of liking u ignore it and act as if u 2 r friends ONLY)! im saying it for your own good! if u dont talk 2 them,then you really should distance yourself from them and act like u dont like them.and if you do talk to them,treat them and act like ur just friends (AND ONLY FRIENDS!)

  32. Skyler

    i agree with ZZ and my opinion,you can do both other words,stay away from these 3 (like dont act or show them you like them "like that" just act as if you all are just friends and ignore them if they show any sign if liking you and if u want u can ignore them by not looking or talking to them),and just be nice and friendly to both them and the girl they like now...if you ignore them by not talking to them,just smile at them whenever u see them like in the halls at school,and if u do talk to them u can be nice 2 them and playfully tease them if u want,like the last person said,and if u do all of this,they will themselves start to feel guilty over time. personally i think they are just players,but if u do what both ZZ and the other person (or maybe what i) said(its ur opinion and ur guys so u choose what u wanna do),they will get revenge and karma and realize love isnt a game.then they will get smarter by then! they deserve revenge,anyways(in my opinion!) :<) and im a guy and i can sense and feel that they are players.but after they see that your done with them,they'll be eating the palm of your hand and be soo guilty i can,t even explain it,sister!! trust me,if you act like its over with them,they will feel very bad for you and the other girl and all the other girls they've messed with!!!!!

  33. Guest24930302

    next year at school,be nice and friendly to the can playfully tease them (if u want).and be nice to the girl who they now like.and act like u like someone else or get a new bf.they will realize what they r missing and be guilty because its not ur fault they liked u-right?u cant help who u like it aint ur fault!u like who u like.thats the same as saying u r who u are! true Fact.

  34. Guest24930260

    act like u forgot about them. works everytime

  35. Guest23325561

    actually what u should do is go out with someone that those 3 guys know or r friends with just like guest23323124 said but add this to it: while your at it,ignore them!!!

  36. Guest23323124

    do this trust me,it never fails: go out with someone that all 3 of those guys are friends with,or someone that they know,and they'll get revange.

  37. Guest23321872

    actually girl,this will really get ' class,go ahead and steal another guy's heart...i mean,if you know a guy that really like you,for who u r,not just 4 what u look like,then stare at them,and steal thwir heart and then become friends with him then go out with him,and the guys will feel guilty!!!even if u dont hav class with tht guy who likes you,make it noticceable so the other guy will feel guilty!!!but you can only do this if you have got the confidence!do it!i dare u.the guy will feel guilty so guilty and probably cry and willl want your heart,but itz his bad!!!4 his sake!!:)

  38. Guest23321872

    omg,u don't know!!!it's soo freaking EASY!

    do this:



    1) ignore them,like ZZ said.

    2)flirt with other guys around them.

    3)act like you don't care about them and act as if they don't exist and act as if you don't notice them

    4)don't talk to them

    5)don't even look at them.if they stare at you,pretend to not notice.

    6)if they try talking to you,no matter what they say or do,don't speak back.

    7)talk to other guys when they are around you,then when they try to talk to you,ignore.

    8)hang out with other people around them and act like they are not there.


    9) (like i said in the beginning)-GO OUT WITH SOMEONE WORD WILL SPREAD EVENTUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. ZZ

     you just simply ignore these guys and they will them self feel guilty. Or if you want to take revenge then insult them publicly so that they should learn a real lesson out from your revenge. 

    First of all my suggestion is that you should just ignore these guys because you know it better that what is the basic thing which they are after. All of these three guys are lusty and want to have real time genital intercourse and nothing more then that. So at times things can get away from you and they might get there desire. They can give you some thing to drink and then you won't be in your senses. Hope you understand what I am trying to explain. 
    Second option can be this that you can insult these guys in any party or any sort of other gathering or at college. 
    I am a male and i can feel that these guys are just trying to satisfy their lust and nothing else in their minds. So you should stay away from these three.   

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