How do I make a payment to my NAB credit card while I am away?

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I am in Canada and want to make payment of my National Australia Bank credit card. How do I make a payment to my National Australia Bank credit card while I am away?

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  1. Banking Expert
    There are a number of options to make payment at NAB credit card when you are away: • NAB Internet Banking - Register before you go and you can conveniently transfer money between your NAB transaction accounts and your NAB credit card account. • NAB Telephone Banking - Use NAB Telephone Banking from overseas to pay your bills or make credit card payments. To call from overseas dial +61 3 8641 9083. This is not a collect call, so costs will be incurred by yourself. • Direct Debit - You can also instruct NAB to take a direct debit from a nominated account to pay your NAB credit card account. • Telegraphic transfer - To make a telegraphic transfer to a NAB credit card from overseas you will need to supply the following information to the financial institution you are using overseas: Your credit card number National Australia Bank Limited 5th Floor, 383 King Street West Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia SWIFT Address NATAAU3303M The incoming payment will be processed by International Payments into the credit card account you supply. A $5 fee will be charged per transaction. The overseas financial institution may charge a fee directly to you to process the transfer.

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