How do I find the yahoo smart tools?

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How do I find the yahoo smart tools?

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  1. kate

    The yahoo smart toolbar have a built-in set of features that help you in different ways and also enhance your online experience. It has many options for instance it has share this, save to my web, web search, and copy to the clipboard and Translation options. For finding yahoo tool bar you can fallow these instructions:
    • Open a browser window in Internet Explorer to launch the Yahoo toolbar.
    • Highlight any text on the current Web page and look for the Smart Tools icon to appear. If you do not see this icon, proceed to the next step.
    • Select 'Toolbar Options' from the Pencil menu on the toolbar.
    • Locate the box labeled 'Enable Smart Tools when selecting text.' If it is unchecked, check it.
    • Click 'OK' for saving your Smart Tool settings.

  2. Guest2454
    Click the pencil icon on toolbar then click toolbar options then check enable smart tools.

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