Copying music onto apple iphone from iTunes

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I have my question regarding copying music on apple iPhone. I am very much of listening to songs as well as music and it is always worth-entertaining when you have a good enough device like an apple iPhone to do so. However, I would want to know how I can copy music on my iPhone from iTunes.

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  1. Harry

    This is a task which involves a bit of a trick so as to get this working smoothly so onecan have control over the iPhone music, while keeping it as darn easy to work with as possible. First of all, a custom playlist for your iPhone music library should be created by popping up into iPhone and choosing a file and renaming it to something meaningful. Having done as described, one can just drag and drop music from the iTunes library (in iTunes, needless to say) into this new playlist. When ready, there will be seen a bunch of music happily entrenched in the playlist. However, it is all just pointers, while the actual music files are still safely in the main music library. Hence if one deletes something from a playlist, the original music file itself stays there safe. It should be noted that the very bottom of the iTunes window shows how many songs are in the playlist, along with the size and total playing time. A plug is needed at this time to plug in the iPhone if haven't already done so. It'll pop up the usual summary screen. Set things up as described and that's all there is to it. BY clicking "Sync" in iTunes and it'll match the playlist with the iPhone music library and next time that ole' "iPod" button is clicked on the iPhone, the selections from you music library will be present.

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