How do I convert .MOD files into a windows media format like AVI or MPG ?

by terrepure  |  9 years ago

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i own a JVC GZ-630 HDD camcorder and I attempted to upload it on my PC, but it didn't work because MOD files cant be opened on windows media .Is there any software that converts MOD files to avi,wmv or mpeg?

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  1. sarahsarah1225
    MOD Video Converter is the intimate friend provided for MOD camcorder users. It supports to convert JVC Everio/Canon/Panasonic MOD to the more popular MPEG format including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro or burn to DVD for preservation or sharing.

  2. rihana828
    Use extension converter software to convert the extensions.
  3. Guest19754735
    it should be the top asked questions by people who owns jvc everio mod, panasonic and canon mod file, the mod file can't be played or edited, you can use <a href=>iOrgsoft mod converter</a> to convert mod to avi, simple yet powerful
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