How do I arrange a health examination for Australian immigration visa?

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I want to apply for Australian immigration visa. Can someone tell me that how do I arrange a health examination for Australian immigration visa?

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Australia Guide
    Do not attend a health examination before you lodge your visa application unless the information about your visa specifically asks you to do so. Otherwise, you will be advised by the department if and when to attend a health examination. Applicants in Australia You may attend your health examination before lodging your application for a visa as it is a formal requirement for some visas. Please check the detailed information provided on the visa application form to confirm when you need to undergo a health examination. How do I arrange a health examination? Applicants outside Australia You must arrange your health examination with a Panel doctor and/or Panel radiology clinic nominated by the Australian Government. Unless otherwise indicated, health examinations conducted overseas are only acceptable if conducted by a Panel doctor/radiologist. You will be advised by the department if a medical and/or radiological examination is required as part of your visa application. If you require both a medical and radiological examination you can arrange an appointment with a Panel clinic that performs both medical and radiological examinations. Alternatively you can initially arrange an appointment for your medical examination with a Panel doctor who will refer you to an associated Panel radiology clinic for your chest x-ray. If you only require a radiological examination, you may need a referral from a doctor in order to make an appointment with a Panel radiology clinic or you may be able to make an appointment directly with a Panel radiology clinic. If you are unsure, contact your preferred Panel radiology clinic to see if a referral is necessary. If a referral is required, you do not need to attend a Panel doctor to obtain a referral. Instead you may obtain a referral from your local doctor. After you have lodged your application, the processing office may provide you with the health examination forms and a list of Panel doctors.

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