Was society critical of Elvis music and dance moves?

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I am taking part in the event known as National History Day, where I shall be giving a presentation on Elvis Presley. Topic that I chose, relates to society’s reaction to Elvis Presley’s representation of music and performing art. I am looking for information on how the general public reacted to Elvis objectionable dance moves and bohemian styles that rebellion from the set norms of dressing. I want to know, what measures were taken to stop Elvis, from promoting his s*x appeal. I hope to get a compact information on this topic from your end.

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  1. Mitchel

     Elvis Presley has been a controversial figure in American history, though he was a multi talented man with many qualities, but he went too far in projecting himself as a s*x item. On stage his dance movements were sexually suggestive, and many in American society disapproved of his vulgar dance movement. In Jacksonville, FL in 1956, Presley was asked to put a refrain on his highly objectionable performance styles. Many parents voiced their concerns that they did not approve of their teenagers listening to Elvis’s song, because of his provocative dance moves and music. In 1957 on January 6, during “The Ed Sillivan Show" Elvis Presley’s lower half was not shown, it was the only public action that was taken against Presley’s vulgar styles. Presley’s sexually provocative dressing and songs were a source of shock for American society at that time, but now to have sexually explicit dance moves and songs is a pretty normal thing. I hope that my answer will help you in your presentation.

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