How did James Martin meet Louise davies?

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How did James Martin meet Louise davies?

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    no i'm not a journo just a recent fan from his first series of the hospital programme. I heard that he had met Louise  in Leeds when setting up his restaurant and then some-one told me at one of his demos that she was working for his management agency when they they met.  Just an inocent question - don't be so cynical reading things in that aren't there!

    PS Thanks for the answer.

  2. Guest28015821

    Blimey so long after they met a question pops up.


    They met when he was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with Chris Evans she was working on the show at the time.


    That is over 2 years ago late December 2010 the rest as they say is history!


    They had a lot of flack in the beginning esp from his "followers" the Martinis who basically said she was a tart and he must have been drunk when he had her over for NY - but evidently she has won them over as they now hang on her every word. From which you can draw your own conclusions.


    They have just got a puppy together named it Ralph - pictures of the little fella on twitter. So I think we can say that despite a really rocky start - adverse reaction by so many people - that they are pretty much committed to each other and definitely not a fleeting romance.




    PS why so long after you a journo trawling for info?





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