How did Esurance get started

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How did Esurance get started?

After many years spent working in the insurance industry, esurance came to the conclusion that people were simply paying too much for their auto insurance. More important, they weren't receiving the helpful customer service and hassle-free claims service that they deserved.

With the rise of Internet technology, it seemed like the perfect time to launch an online insurance company that catered to the needs of our fast-paced technological world. Esurance was launched in 1999, with the mission of making auto insurance convenient and affordable for the average driver.

To that end, Esurance is dedicated to helping you save money and time. You can get your free 6-minute quote and instantly compare rates from leading companies before buying your policy online. Customers can also take advantage of easy online account management and 24/7 service.

Esurance started because there simply wasn't an auto insurance company out there that we could depend on. We decided to change all that by creating an insurance company that offers reliable auto insurance online with the highest quality customer service and auto insurance claims handling— all for lower auto insurance rates. By getting the best minds in the insurance and technology industries together, they are doing just that.

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