How deep is a women virgina?

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How deep is a women virgina? some times even small women have big boyfriends and i wonder how can they handle it?

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  1. Guest28410459

     b*****s yea riteee this p***y deep


  2. Guest28101294




  3. Guest22612199

    its 4- 5 inches when not wet, it expand during excitment to around 6-7 inches and it expends even more during the child labor process

  4. Guest22464956

    its exactly 16 inches deep nd d inner skin stays rolled inside her body nd will get unrolled as according to d size of pennis

  5. Guest20677402
    yeah its 4-7 inches
  6. lovettamcclung
    There is not much she can do other than a sitz bath (sitting in warm CLEAR water in a tub) and using some Neosporin ointment afterward. I would lay off of the s*x for a week to let this heal though.
  7. Guest20634035
  8. Guest19607660
    i think its 4-7 in deep i read sumwhere, not sure, wish i knew the exact depth, but its strange i neva get an o****m while having s*x, i climax only after my guy licks or fingers my g-spot
  9. Guest18881197
    3 in long
  10. Guest4890461
    Average length of a v****a is 4-7 inches depending on what you read. A woman can feel farther than that and especially at the cervix, but usually it's pain as it does hurt when the cervix gets bumped.
  11. Guest1486382
    wish i knew

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