How could WikiLeaks reports harm Pak image?

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WikiLeaks reports attempt to harm Pak image. I read in a news article that, The Defense Committee of Cabinet termed the release of WikiLeaks diplomatic cables an attempt to harm the image of the country, a private TV channel reported on Friday. The committee, which met at the PM House with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in chair, renewed the government’s resolve to eliminate terrorism and effectively foil “the nefarious designs of the enemies of Pakistan”. The DCC affirmed the government’s and the public’s commitment to defend the country’s honor, dignity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The committee reviewed the security challenges faced by Pakistan and expressed satisfaction on the defense preparedness. Do you know more about this news? if yes, then share it here and we can start debate on this. Because in my opinion wikileaks is doing good by revealing those truths which have been hidden from public up till now.

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  1. Mitchel

     Wikileak's revealation of Pakistani secrets has exposed the shameless characters of our so called leaders, and i commend wikileak's efforts of unvieling the truth and denouncing the true  liars and cheaters.

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