How can you get more credits on mathletics without playing any games?

by Guest2565  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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How can you get more credits on mathletics without playing any games? i would love to take some donation not in terms of money but in terms of credits on mathletics

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    you press ctrl and alt together for 5 secconds then let go you then will then have 100 credits but you can only do it five times a day


  16. Guest22591512

    there is definitely no cheats i have tried them all-don't fool for the ones where they say their username and password cuz they just want you to earn credits for them. Don't do it don't believe anything they say ty

  17. Guest22537924

     some things you might want to try out cool game/ funny games/gun games/zombies games?   and mathletics is ok

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  85. Guest15914011
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  86. Guest15859326
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  91. Guest14605718
    vel u push ur start button than u press F5 and write mathletics 92239921 and you recive 300, 000 credits
  92. Guest14463046
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  93. Guest13957162
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  94. Guest13792717
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  95. Guest13529389
    To all my fellow gamers out there, mathletics is my favourite game in the world on the internet, i spend my lunch time at the library on the computers playing mathletics, it is fun and exciting and also a good way to learn your quick sums and typing skills. i recomend this game to all kids with a bright mind.:) There is technically no cheats for mathletics as i have tried. i have tried changin URL's and messing around with the data base system but nothing is working. Maybe if you put your cheat engine 4.68 on to high - answer 50 questions then maybe it might succeed as it need the megabites to work it. You could try that but im not sure if it would work. Or also if you try to change the type of code in the Fertil hack it might work. Happy Gaming!!!!! - Big daddy G.
  96. Guest12729380
  97. Guest12129198
  98. Guest11800751
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