How can you define true love?

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Me and my boyfriend we both love each other a lot. Whenever we fight, or we can say mean things we always work it out. Always stick with me no matter what. I need to know that is it true love? How can you define true love?

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  1. Angelina

     Love is tough to define. Philosophers and psychologists both have tried to characterize love, per smallest its distinction from infatuation and lust. If you are looking to find love, the next facts may be helpful.
    Love is much more than a risk, but is a risk that one can take and grab and drop into a dark abyss or cut into oneself an aperture and only crawl back when you overwhelm your emotions.
    The factual response to the delineation of love lives inside each individual because every human in the work has a distinct census of how they seem just because you believe somebody is attractive doesn’t signify that you love them. If your here to ascertain the factual delineation of love you require to gaze interior and mention to your heart, that is where you find genuine responses for inquiries that are a issue of this sort, and this answer was in writing by a male for those of you inquisitive, now we require a feminine to compose what they think.
    In some people’s attitude true love is when you love the other individual so wholly and absolutely that if you glimpsed they'd be contented with somebody additional you'd be eager to let them proceed, regardless of the agony you'd seem in mislaying them. It is furthermore accepted that factual love would signify that the feeling was mutual.

  2. Guest10745046
    true love is very rare infact your lucky to find true love once in you life.but if you find it you will allways love the person unconditionally for ever.

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