How can we treat anxiety?

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My friend has anxiety problems, I wanted to know about some of the ways to treat anxiety, what are the methods by which I can treat anxiety, is there any prescribed medicine given by the doctor.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    One of the most effective way to find out the source of the stress or anxiety is difficult and is not possible. One of the first step in order to take the inventory is to check out for the things that are making you stressful: such as.
    To have to first check out what is the thing that is worrying you, is there is something on your mind that might be causing the anxiety, is there any particular person or moment that makes you sad or depressed, you should maintain a diary of the experiences and thoughts that seem to be related with anxiety. Is there anything that is adding to your mental state or creating anxiety in these situations. You can find someone such as friend, family member, neighbor or clergy that might listen you. In most of the cases talking about a friend or a loved one can help in relieving the anxiety. There are most of the communities that support groups and hotlines that provide help. There are some social workers, psychologists and mental health professionals that may be needed for therapy and medication.
    Another good method is to look out for a healthy lifestyle and routine such as
    Get enough sleep.
    Exercise regularly.
    Limit caffeine and alcohol.
    Don’t use nicotine, cocaine or other recreational drugs.
    Learn and practice some of the relaxation techniques such as guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, tai chi or meditation. You can also look out for a certified professional in order to get started. You can also take breaks from work. Make sure to balance fun activities with responsibilities. Try to spend your time with the people you enjoy. Find out more about self help books at the library or bookstore.

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